vol. 25 no. 4, December, 2020

Proceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference
Pretoria, South Africa, 28th September to 1st October, 2020

Full papers

Jannica Heinström and Eero Sormunen, Serendipity as chaos or discovery – exploring the role of personality and sense of coherence

Isto Huvila, Information making related information needs and the credibility of information

Ina Fourie, Contextual information behaviour analysis of grief and bereavement: temporal and spatial factors, multiplicity of contexts and person-in-progressive situation

Anika Meyer, Ina Fourie and Preben Hansen, A participatory design informed framework for information behaviour studies [Best local contribution]

Kirsten Schlebbe, Support versus restriction: parents’ influence on young children’s information behaviour in connection with mobile devices

Katherine Stephens, Laura Muir and Hazel Hall, Towards a definition of metaskills

Kornelija Petr Balog, Sanjica Faletar Tanacković and Sanda Erdelez, Information support system for Alzheimer’s disease patients’ caregivers in Croatia: a phenomenological approach

Nasrine Olson and Elena Maceviciute, Information worlds of people with deafblindness [Best paper award]

Fiona Jardine, When social networks sites prevail: the information experience of chest/breastfeeders who only express their milk

Raquel Chávez and Martha Sabelli, Information behaviour of parents of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD): a case study

Leanne Bowler, Manuela Aronofsky, Genevieve Milliken and Amelia Acker, Teen engagements with data in an after-school data literacy program at the public library

Shahrokh Nikou, Andrea Molinari and Gunilla Widén, The interplay between literacy and digital technology: A fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis approach

Moses Dlamini, Hein Venter, Jan Eloff and Mariki Eloff, Digital deception in cybersecurity: an information behaviour lens

Arūnas Gudinavičius, Changing taxpayers’ beliefs with information that enables making sense of taxes: the case of Lithuania

Marguerite Nel, Information behaviour and information practices of academic librarians: a scoping review to guide studies on their learning in practice

Mette Skov and Marianne Lykke, Information-related behaviour as meaning-making processes – a study of science centre visitors

Tumelo Maungwa and Ina Fourie, How experiences reported on intermediary information seeking from inter-disciplinary contexts can inform a study on competitive intelligence professionals

Maram Barifah and Monica Landoni, Emotions associated with failed searches in digital library

Susannah Hanlon and Julie McLeod, Human information behaviour in conversation: understanding the influence of informal conversation on learning in a political party

Short papers

Zinaida Manžuch and Elena Macevičiūtė, A life goals perspective on the information behaviour of elderly adults

Martha Sabelli, Old women and tablets: information behaviour in unfavourable contexts and social mediators

Peter Cruickshank, Hazel Hall and Bruce Ryan, Information literacy as a joint competence shaped by everyday life and workplace roles amongst Scottish community councillors

Eeva-Liisa Eskola, Khadijah Khan & Gunilla Widén, Adding the information literacy perspective to the refugee integration research discourse: a scoping literature review [Best short paper]

Priya Kizhakkethil, Information experience in a diaspora small world

Ingeborg Jäger-Dengler-Harles, Tamara Heck and Marc Rittberger, Systematic reviews as object to study relevance assessment processes

Amy Vanscoy, Heidi Julien and Alison Harding, Diffusion of information behaviour theory into education for reference service

Maria Gaede and Elke Greifeneder, Adventures in 'Winter Wonderland': observing user behaviour in a digital twin bookstore

Caroline Ilako, The influence of spatial attributes and users’ information behaviour in academic library spaces

Rachel Salzano, Hazel Hall and Gemma Webster, Investigating the ‘why?’ rather than the ‘how? Current research priorities on the influence of culture on newcomer populations’ use of public libraries

Khadijah Khan and Eeva-Liisa Eskola, The cultural landscapes of women refugees in Sweden, a road to information and integration


Peter Cruickshank, Gemma Webster and Frances Ryan, Assisting information practice: from information intermediary to digital proxy

Naailah Parbhoo-Ebrahim and Ina Fourie, Pathways to research participant recruitment in a challenging information behaviour context: South African cold case investigators as exemplar

Liezl Ball and Theo Bothma, The capability of search tools to retrieve words with specific properties from large text collections [Best poster award]

Jamillah Gabriel, Investigating reading culture in Tanzania

Rachel Salzano, Hazel Hall and Gemma Webster, The relationship between culture and public library use: non-Western students in Scotland


Thanks to Professor Ina Fouri and colleagues, of the University of Pretoria, for organizing the copy-editing and conversion of the papers to html. The papers were double-blind, peer-reviewed for the Conference.