vol. 24 no. 4, December, 2019

Proceedings of CoLIS: 10th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science - University of Ljubljana, June 16-19, 2019

The discipline of LIS

Jenna Hartel | Turn, turn, turn .

Fidélia Ibekwe, Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić and Ernest Abadal | The quest for umbrella terms in LIS: tracking the paternity of informatology and informatics

Claudio Gnoli | Levels of information and LIS as a science of mentefacts

Ryan Shaw | The missing profession: towards an institution of critical technical practice

Dan Albertson | Comparing Twitter activity from different LIS conferences: current observations and future research directions

Information behaviour

Jela Steinerova | The societal impact of information behaviour research on the information environment and library services

Sally Irvine-Smith | Representation, mediation and agency: examining the role of the artefacts of decision-making

Isto Huvila, Heidi Enwald, Noora Hirvonen and Kristina Eriksson-Backa | The concept of usefulness in library and information science research

Pia Borlund and Nils Pharo | A need for information on information needs

Muhaimin Karim, Gunilla Widén, and Jannica Heinström | Influence of demographics and information literacy self-efficacy on information avoidance propensity among youth

Anna Mierzecka, Jacek Wasilewski, and Małgorzata Kisilowska | Cognitive authority, emotions and information quality evaluations

Simon Burnett and Annemaree Lloyd | The road not taken: locating desire lines across information landscapes

Isto Huvila | Rethinking context in information research: bounded versus centred sets

Information ethics

David Bawden and Lyn Robinson | "Essentially made of information." Concepts and implications of informational privacy

Lisa Engström and Johanna Rivano Eckerdal | Public libraries as promoters of social sustainability?

Kathleen Burnett and Gary Burnett | Information domains, information ethics

Search/knowledge management

Trond Aalberg, Kim Tallerås, and David Massey | The impact of new bibliographic models on the search experience

J.Tuomas Harviainen and Sanna Kumpulainen | Service design for information searches

Urbano Reviglio | Towards a taxonomy of designing ethically for artificial serendipity in personalized information streams

Maija-Leena Huotari, Sanna Tuomela, Teija Keränen, and Anna Suorsa | Conceptualizing multidisciplinary interaction by Gadamerian play for creating transdisciplinary knowledge


Michael Widdersheim and Masanori Koizumi | Research foundations related to the public sphere and public libraries

Ragnar Audunson, Hans-Christoph Hobohm and Máté Tóth | ALM in the public sphere: how do archivists, librarians and museum professionals conceive the respective roles of their institutions in the public sphere?

Andreas Vårheim, Roswitha Skare and Noah Lenstra | Institutional convergence in the LAM sector: a contribution towards a conceptual framework

Knowledge organization

Deborah Lee | The classification of musical transformation: a conceptual approach to the knowledge organization of musical arrangements

John Budd and Kristine Stewart | A phenomenological scheme for information organization

Ronald Day and Robert Montoya | "What is (a) disease?" Disease as events and access to information

Information literacy

Helena Hollis | Critical thinking and information literacy: different concepts, same conceptions

Sonja Špiranec, Denis Kos and Michael George | Searching for critical dimensions in data literacy

Jutta Haider and Olof Sundin | The materiality and fragmentation of facts in contemporary society: infrastructural meaning-making and new demands on information literacy


Lucie Loubere and Fidélia Ibekwe | Appropriation of social sciences and humanities literature in the public arena

Tove Faber Frandsen, Rasmus Højbjerg Jacobsen, Jeppe Nicolaisen and Jakob Ousager | Pressure to publish: a bibliometric study of PhD students (1993–2009)

Tzipi Cooper, Noa Aharo ny, Judit Bar-Ilan and Sharon Rabin Margalioth | Women in the academia: a bibliometric perspective

Lai Ma | From metrics to representation: the flattened self in citation databases


Michael Olsson and Joacim Hansson | Embodiment, information practices and documentation: a study of mid-life martial artists

Hilary Yerbury, Simon Darcy, and Nina Burridge | Accessing information: digital and social capital of students with disability

Anna Suorsa, Teemu Suorsa, and Rauli Svento | Embodied and dialogical nature of human beings shaping organizational knowledge creation. Developing scientific knowledge for a Virtual Power Plant

Aira Huttunen, Lottamari Kähkönen, Heidi Enwald, and Terttu Kortelainen | Embodied cognition and information experiences of transgender people


Ola Pilerot and Hanna Maurin Söderholm | A conceptual framework for investigating documentary practices in pre-hospital emergency care

Trine Schreiber | Examining documents as material manifestation of organisational practices

Martin Nord | The ethics of documents in relationships: the United Church of Canada and its reconciliation documents


Sabina Cisek and Monika Krakowska | The diary method and analysis of student’s mental representations of information spaces as the research approach in information behaviour research

Anna-Maija Multas and Noora Hirvonen | Employing nexus analysis in investigating information literacy

Eystein Gullbekk | What can we make of our interview data? From interdisciplinary to intradisciplinary research

Information management

Frances Ryan, Hazel Hall, Peter Cruickshank, and Alistair Lawson | Build, manage and evaluate: information practices and personal reputations on social media platforms

Hana Marčetić and Maja Krtalić | Transformative power of information: managing your personal history and culture

Library use and users

Joacim Hansson | Recognising the other through promotion of reading, collection development and communal collaboration. Rural public libraries in the far-north of Sweden and their relation to the indigenous Sámi population

Leanne Bowler, Tom Akiva, Sharon Colvin, and Annie McNamara | Facilitation in library makerspaces: a prototype for a professional development model

Bo Skøtt | Newcomers at the library: a library perspective on the integration of new citizens

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