Jieyu Li, Chunlan Huang, Xiuhong Wang and Shengli Wu
Balancing efficiency and effectiveness for fusion-based search engines in the 'big data' environment
Andrew Demasson, Helen Partridge and Christine Bruce
Information literacy and the serious leisure participant: variation in the experience of using information to learn
Elisabetta Poltronieri, Elena Bravo, Moreno Curti, Maurizio Ferri and Cristina Mancini
Open access publishing trend analysis: statistics beyond the perception
Isto Huvila
'If we just knew who should do it', or the social organization of the archiving of archaeology in Sweden
Katherine Howard, Helen Partridge, Hilary Hughes and Gillian Oliver
Passion trumps pay: a study of the future skills requirements of information professionals in galleries, libraries, archives and museums in Australia
Kalyani Ankem, Joshua Turpin and Vishal Uppala
Physician adoption of electronic health records: a visualisation of the role of provider and state characteristics in incentive programme participation
Maja Krtalić, Hana Marčetić and Milijana Mičunović
Personal digital information archiving among students of social sciences and humanities

Selected papers from the Social Media Studies Symposium, University of Borås, 15 September, 2015

Symposium editorial
Björn Hammarfelt, Sarah de Rijcke and Alexander D. Rushforth
Quantified academic selves: the gamification of research through social networking services
Gustaf Nelhans and David Gunnarsson Lorentzen
Twitter conversation patterns related to research papers
David Gunnarsson Lorentzen
Twitter conversation dynamics of political controversies: the case of Sweden's December Agreement
Rikard Harr, Annakarin Nyberg, Marcus Berggren, Richard Carlsson and Sebastian Källstedt
Friend or foe: exploring master suppression techniques on Facebook

ball Resúmenes en Español


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