ballRegular papers

Peter Stokes & Christine Urquhart
Qualitative interpretative categorisation for efficient data analysis in a mixed methods information behaviour study.
Norman Shaw & Sharm Manwami
Content validation for level of use of feature rich systems: a Delphi study of electronic medical records systems
Tzu-Chuan Chou, Pu-Dong Weng & Tzong-Chen Wu
Exploring design-fits for the strategic alignment of information systems with business objectives.
Basil Alzougool, Shanton Chang & Kathleen Gray
The nature and constitution of informal carers' information needs: what you don't know you need is as important as what you want to know.
Minsoo Park
Multi-dimensional analysis of dynamic human information interaction
Fahimeh Babalhavaeji & Mohammad Reza Farhadpoor
Information source characteristics and environmental scanning by academic library managers
Yonghua Cen, Liren Gan & Chen Bai
Reinforcement learning in information searching
Tomás Saorín, Fernanda Peset y Antonia Ferrer-Sapena
Factores para la adopción de linked data e implantación de la web semántica en bibliotecas, archivos y museos
Pauline Joseph, Shelda Debowski & Peter Goldschmidt
Search behaviour in electronic document and records management systems: an exploratory investigation and model
Holmes E. Miller
Big-data in cloud computing: a taxonomy of risks

ballProceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Tokyo, 4-7 September, 2012. Part 2.

Lynn Silipigni Connaway, David White, Donna Lanclos & Alison Le Cornu
Visitors and residents: what motivates engagement with the digital information environment?
T.D. Wilson & Elena Maceviciute
What's newsworthy about 'information seeking'? An analysis of Google's News Alerts.
Jia Tina Du, Ying-Hsang Liu, Qinghua Zhu & Yongjian Chen
Modelling marketing professionals' information behaviour in the workplace: towards a holistic understanding
Natalya Godbold
An information need for emotional cues: unpacking the role of emotions in sense making.
Pauline Joseph, Shelda Debowski & Peter Goldschmidt
Models of information search: a comparative analysis
Yusuke Ishimura & Joan C Bartlett
Uncovering the research process of international students in North America: are they different from domestic students?
Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson
Tweens and their in-betweens: giving voice to young people when exploring emerging information practices associated with smart devices.
Isto Huvila
In Web search we trust? Articulation of the cognitive authorities of Web searching.
Natascha A. Karlova and Karen E. Fisher
A social diffusion model of misinformation and disinformation for understanding human information behaviour

ball Resúmenes en Español


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ball   Spink, Amanda and Heinström Jannica (Eds.). Library and information science trends and research: Europe.. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012.

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World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (WorldCIST'13), Olhão, Algarve, Portugal, March 27-30, 2013
Colis 8: Eighth International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, August 19-22, 2013
17th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, Valetta, Malta, 22-26 September, 2013

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