ballRegular papers

T.D. Wilson
Report on a survey of readers of Information Research
Evgenia Vassilakaki, Frances Johnson and R.J. Hartley
Image seeking in multilingual environments: a study of the user experience
Hea Lim Rhee
Modelling historians' information-seeking behaviour with an interdisciplinary and comparative approach
Hyung Jun Ahn and Sangmoon Park
How does customer's product expertise moderate the usefulness of information recommendation agents in online stores?
J.V. Rodriguez, F.J. Martínez and J.A. Pastor
The ecosystem of information retrieval
F. García López, M. Caridad Sebastián and A.M. Morales García
Comparative analysis of the development of multicultural library services in the Spanish public library network (2007-2010)

ballProceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Tokyo, 4-7 September, 2012. Part 1.

Reijo Savolainen
Conceptualizing information need in context.
Eero Sormunen, Jannica Heinström and Leena Romu
A method for the analysis of information use in source-based writing.
Yin-Leng Theng and Sei-Ching Joanna Sin
Analysing the effects of individual characteristics and self-efficacy on users' preferences for system features in relevance judgment.
Shinichiro Sakai, Norihisa Awamura and Nozomi Ikeya
The practical management of information in a task management meeting: taking 'practice' seriously
Gunilla Widen and Preben Hansen
Managing collaborative information sharing: bridging research on information culture and collaborative information behaviour
Ina Fourie
Understanding information behaviour in palliative care: arguing for exploring diverse and multiple overlapping contexts
Tien-I Tsai
Coursework-related information horizons of first-generation college students
Ruth Nalumaga
Information access and use by legislators in the Ugandan parliament
Martha Sabelli
Information behaviour among young women in vulnerable contexts and social inclusion: the role of social mediators.
Ágústa Pálsdóttir
Relatives as supporters of elderly peoples' information behaviour
Christopher S.G. Khoo, Zhonghong Wang and Abdus Sattar Chaudhry
Task-based navigation of a taxonomy interface to a digital repository
Lynne (E.F.) McKechnie, Lucia Cedeira Serantes and Cameron Hoffman
Dancing around the edges: the use of postmodern approaches in information behaviour research as evident in the published proceedings of the biennial ISIC conferences, 1996—2010
Constance Bitso and Ina Fourie
An investigation of information-seeking behaviour of geography teachers for an information service intervention: the case of Lesotho
Ching Seng Yap, Md Zabid Abdul Rashid and Dewi Amat Sapuan
Organisational strategy and competitive intelligence practices in Malaysian public listed companies
Dima Kassab and Xiaojun Yuan
Understanding the information needs and search behaviour of mobile users

ball Resúmenes en Español


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