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Volume 12 No 2 January, 2007


Papers presented at ISIC 2006: the 6th Information Seeking in Context Conference, Sydney, Australia, 19-21 July, 2006 — Part III

Keynote Address
Chun Wei Choo
Information seeking in organizations: epistemic contexts and contests

Zahed Bigdeli
Iranian engineers' information needs and seeking habits: an agro-industry company experience

Karen E. Fisher, Carol F. Landry and Charles Naumer
Social spaces, casual interactions, meaningful exchanges: 'information ground' characteristics based on the college student experience

Jarkko Kari
Conceptualizing the personal outcomes of information

Christopher S.G. Khoo, Brendan Luyt, Caroline Ee, Jamila Osman, Hui-Hui Lim and Sally Yong
How users organize electronic files on their workstations in the office environment: a preliminary study of personal information organization behaviour

A.D. Madden, B. Eaglestone, N.J. Ford and M. Whittle
Search engines: a first step to finding information: preliminary findings from a study of observed searches.

Eric M. Meyers, Lisa P Nathan and Matthew L. Saxton
Barriers to information seeking in school libraries: conflicts in perceptions and practice

Makiko Miwa and Noriko Kando
A naïve ontology for concepts of time and space for searching and learning

Ophelia T. Morey
Health information ties: preliminary findings on the health information seeking behaviour of an African-American community

Shunsaku Tamura, Makiko Miwa, Yasunori Saito, Mika Koshizuka, Yumiko Kasai, Mamiko Matsubayashi and Nozomi Ikeya
Information sharing between different groups: a qualitative study of information service to business in Japanese public libraries

Nei-Ching Yeh
A framework for understanding culture and its relationship to information behaviour: Taiwanese aborigines' information behaviour

Kyunghye Yoon
A study of interpersonal information seeking: the role of topic and comment in the articulation of certainty and uncertainty of information need

Other peer-reviewed papers

Flávia Ferreira, Joanice Nascimento Santos, Lucyana Nascimento, Ricardo Sodré Andrade, Susane Barros, Jussara Borges, Helena Pereira da Silva, Othon Jambeiro, Fábio Ferreira and Bethany Lynn Letalien
Information professionals in Brazil: core competencies and professional development

Elea Giménez Toledo and Susana Torrado Morales
El efecto de las noticias de alto impacto en los servicios de documentación: el caso del atentado terrorista del 11 de marzo de 2004 en Madrid en la prensa española.

José Manuel Ortega Egea, Manuel Recio Menéndez and María Victoria Román González
Diffusion and usage patterns of Internet services in the European Union

Paulina Junni
Students seeking information for their Master's theses: the effect of the Internet

Bo-Christer Björk
A model of scientific communication as a global distributed information system

ball  Case studies in open access publishing. Number two.

David J. Solomon
Medical Education Online: a case study of an open access journal in health professional education.

ball  Resúmenes en Español

  Watch this: artisanal animation — one of a series of occasional columns by Terrence A. Brooks of the Information School, University of Washington, USA.

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Conference announcements

ball A message to Conference organizers.

12th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research (iSHIMR). July 18 - 20, 2007. Sheffield, UK

CoLIS 6: Featuring the future. 13-16 August, 2007, Borås, Sweden.

Information Seeking in Context, 17-20 September, 2008, Vilnius, Lithuania

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