Karryl Kim Sagun, and Brendan Luyt
Cultured and popular literary circuits on Facebook: a case study of Singaporean print culture in social media
Sara Nelissen, Jan Van den Bulck and Kathleen Beullens
A typology of cancer information seeking, scanning and avoiding: results from an exploratory cluster analysis
Chi-Cheng Huang
Cognitive factors in predicting continued use of information systems with technology adoption models.
Andrew Cox and Melanie Benson
Visual methods and quality in information behaviour research: the cases of photovoice and mental mapping
Ameera Mansour and Helena Francke
Credibility assessments of everyday life information on Facebook: a sociocultural investigation of a group of mothers
Noa Aharony and Romina Goldman
E-health literacy and the vaccination dilemma: an Israeli perspective
Prabha Rajagopal, Sri Devi Ravana, Harshit Srivastava and Masumeh Sadat Taheri
Document level assessment of document retrieval systems in a pairwise system evaluation
Bo Hsiao, Yu-Qian Zhu and Li-Yueh Chen
Untangling the relationship between Internet anxiety and Internet identification in students: the role of Internet self-efficacy
Yuanyuan Feng and Denise E. Agosto
The experience of mobile information overload: struggling between needs and constraints
Virpi Pietikäinen, Terttu Kortelainen, and Pirkko Siklander
Public librarians as partners in problem-based learning in secondary schools: a case study in Finland
Petros Kostagiolas, Charilaos Lavranos, Konstantina Martzoukou and Joseph Papadatos
The role of personality in musicians’ information seeking for creativity
Helena Francke, Jonas Gamalielsson, and Björn Lundell
Institutional repositories as infrastructures for long-term preservation
Ana M. Muñoz-Muñoz and M. Dolores Mirón-Valdivieso
Analysis of collaboration and co-citation networks between researchers studying violence involving women


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