vol. 22 no. 1, March, 2017

Proceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Zadar, Croatia, 20-23 September, 2016: Part 2.

Information searching

Helena Lee and Natalie Pang, Information scent – credibility and gaze interactions: an eye-tracking analysis in information behaviour

Naailah Parbhoo and Ina Fourie, Effective use of value-added features and services of proprietary databases in an academic context

Xiaojun Yuan and Ning Sa, User query behaviour in different task types in a spoken language vs. textual interface: a Wizard of Oz experiment

Work-related information practices

Camilla Moring, Newcomer information seeking: the role of information seeking in newcomer socialization and learning in the workplace

Isto Huvila, Distrust, mistrust, untrust and information practices.

Searching and reading behaviour

Hanna Carlsson and Olof Sundin, Searching for delegated knowledge in elementary schools

Polona Vilar and Vlasta Zabukovec, Using e-materials for study: students’ perceptions vs. perceptions of academic librarians and teachers

Mate Juric, The role of the need for cognition in the university students’ reading behaviour

Contexts of information sharing [short papers]

Gunilla Widén, Farhan Ahmad and Isto Huvila, Workplace information sharing: a generational approach

Farhanis Mohammad and Alistair Norman, Understanding information sharing behaviour of millennials in large multinational organisations: a research in progress

Iris Buunk, Hazel Hall and Colin Smith, Tacit knowledge sharing and social media: the determination of a methodological approach to explore the intangible

Ed Hyatt, The information behaviour of Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers: an autoethnographic pilot study

Health information seeking

Ina Fourie and Valerie Nesset, An exploratory review of research on cancer pain and information-related needs: what (little) we know

Theresa Anderson and Ina Fourie, Falling together – a conceptual paper on the complexities of information interactions and research gaps in empathetic care for the dying

Heidi Enwald, Maarit Kangas, Niina Keränen, Milla Immonen, Heidi Similä, Timo Jämsä and Raija Korpelainen, Health information behaviour, attitudes towards health information and motivating factors for physical activity among older people: differences by sex and age

Information seeking in learning contexts

Trine Schreiber, Information seeking as idea-generating and -stabilizing feature in entrepreneurship courses at university

Sanjica Faletar Tanacković, Martina Dragija Ivanović and Drahomira Cupar, Scholarly electronic databases and information sciences students in Croatia: perceptions, uses and challenges

Anika Meyer and Ina Fourie, Thematic analysis of the value of Kuhlthau’s work for the investigation of information behaviour in creative workspaces in academic libraries

Thanks to Franjo Pehar and Mate Juric, of the University of Zadar, for organizing the conversion of the papers to html. The papers were double-blind, peer-reviewed for the Conference but have not been through the journal's copy-editing and final proof-reading and, in general, may not fully conform to the journal's style requirements and standards. The papers are listed in the order of the conference programme and under the session theme headings. The first set of papers was published with Volume 21, No. 4, December, 2016