vol. 21 no. 4, December, 2016

Proceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference
Zadar, Croatia, 20-23 September, 2016: Part 1

Theories and models of information behaviour

T.D. Wilson, A general theory of human information behaviour

Hester W.J. Meyer, Untangling the building blocks: a generic model to explain information behaviour to novice researchers.

Reijo Savolainen, Approaching the affective barriers to information seeking: the viewpoint of appraisal theory

Methodological issues of information behaviour research

Lynne McKechnie, Roger Chabot, Nicole Dalmer, Heidi Julien and Cass Mabbott, Writing and reading the results: the reporting of research rigour tactics in information behaviour research as evident in the published proceedings of the biennial ISIC conferences, 1996 – 2014

Rebecca French and Kirsty Williamson, Conceptualising welfare workers as information bricoleurs: theory building using literature analysis, organisational ethnography and grounded theory analysis

Ben Heuwing, Thomas Mandl and Christa Womser-Hacker, Combining contextual interviews and participative design to define requirements for text analysis of historical media

Information sharing and seeking in diverse contexts

Erika Janiuniene and Elena Maceviciute, Information sharing between doctoral students and supervisors: fixed roles and flexible attitudes

Martha Sabelli, Social mediators and inclusive information: communication flow of healthcare information among adolescents in vulnerable communities

Ivana Martinović and Ivanka Stričević, Information needs and behaviour of parents of children with autism spectrum disorders: parents’ reports on their experiences and perceptions

Knowledge creation and information intermediation [Short papers]

Xiaofeng Li and Ross J. Todd, Information practices during 3D modelling in a public library makerspace: generating ideas, seeking help and iterative trial and error

Maija-Leena Huotari, Anna Suorsa, Kaisa Ikonen and Kaisu Innanen, Knowledge creation in a research and development project. A multiple case study in the context of clean energy markets in Finland

Amy VanScoy and Kawanna Bright, Racial and ethnic matching in information intermediation

Social media and social networks in information behaviour

Pamela Fransen-Taylor and Bhuva Narayan, #Homeless but at home in cyberspace

Madely du Preez and Hester W.J. Meyer, Consulting engineers' social networks and their collaborative information behaviour

Frances Ryan, Peter Cruickshank, Hazel Hall and Alistair Lawson, Managing and evaluating personal reputations on the basis of information shared on social media: a Generation X perspective

Thanks to Franjo Pehar and Mate Juric, of the University of Zadar, for organizing the conversion of the papers to html. The papers were double-blind, peer-reviewed for the Conference but have not been through the journal's copy-editing and final proof-reading and, in general, may not fully conform to the journal's style requirements and standards. The papers are listed in the order of the conference programme and under the session theme headings. The remaining papers will be published with Volume 22, No. 1, March, 2017