Lorraine Normore
Information needs in a community of reading specialists: what information needs say about contextual frameworks
Ard Huizing and Mary Cavanagh
Planting contemporary practice theory in the garden of information science
Valérie-Anne Bleyen and Leo Van Hove
Newspapers and their fear of channel spillover: evidence for Europe
Xiaojun Yuan, Xiangman Zhang, Chaomei Chen and Joshua M. Avery
Seeking information with an information visualization system: a study of cognitive styles
Jessica Lingel
Information tactics of immigrants in urban environments
Irene Lopatovska, Alexandra S. Basen, Anshuman M. Duneja, Helen Kwong, Denise L. Pasquinelli, Sarah Sopab, Brian J. Stokes and Christopher Weller
Information behaviour of New York City subway commuters
Concha Soler Monreal and Isidoro Gil-Leiva
Evaluation of controlled vocabularies by inter-indexer consistency
Eero Sormunen and Leeni Lehtiö
Authoring Wikipedia articles as an information literacy assignment: copy-pasting or expressing new understanding in one's own words?
Francisco J. García-Peńalvo, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, Pedro Soto-Acosta, Isabel Martínez-Conesa y Enric Serradell-López
SemSEDoc: Utilización de tecnologías semánticas en el aprovechamiento de los repositorios documentales de los proyectos de desarrollo de software
Sang-Man Kim and Jae-Young Oh
Health information acquisition online and its influence on intention to visit a medical institution offline
J. Mañana-Rodríguez and E. Giménez-Toledo
Coverage of Spanish social sciences and humanities journals by national and international databases

ball Resúmenes en Español


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