Ari Pirkola
The effectiveness of Web search engines to index new sites from different countries

Bo Jarneving
The publication activity of Region Västra Götaland: a bibliometric study of an administrative and political Swedish region during the period 1998-2006.

José Manuel Morales-del-Castillo, Eduardo Peis, Juan Manuel Moreno & Enrique Herrera-Viedma
D-Fussion: a semantic selective dissemination of information service for the research community in digital libraries.

Rosa Lidia Vega-Almeida, J. Carlos Fernández-Molina & Radamés Linares
Coordenadas paradigmáticas, históricas y epistemológicas de la Ciencia de la Información: una sistematización.

Zinaida Manžuch
Archives, libraries and museums as communicators of memory in European Union projects.

Stephen Paling
Mapping techno-literary spaces: adapting multiple correspondence analysis for literature and art informatics.

Jette Hyldegård
Personality traits and group-based information behaviour: an exploratory study

The behaviour/practice debate: a discussion prompted by Tom Wilson's review of Reijo Savolainen's Everyday information practices: a social phenomenological perspective. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2008.

Jordi Ardanuy, Cristóbal Urbano and Lluís Quintana
The evolution of recent research on Catalan literature through the production of PhD theses: a bibliometric and social network analysis.

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Watch this: LOD - linking open data — one of a series of occasional columns by Terrence A. Brooks of the Information School, University of Washington, USA.


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ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Murcia, Spain, 28 September to 2 October, 2010.

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