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Volume 12 No 3 April, 2007


Thematic issue on Activity Theory, edited with the assistance of Mark Spasser

Guest Editorial

Shaun Kane
Everyday inclusive Web design: an activity perspective

Gunilla Widen-Wulff and Elizabeth Davenport
Activity systems, information sharing and the development of organizational knowledge in two Finnish firms: an exploratory study using Activity Theory

Anja Mursu, Irmeli Luukkonen and Mikko Korpela
Activity Theory in information systems research and practice - theoretical underpinnings for an information systems development method

Terry Von Thaden
Building a foundation to study distributed information behaviour

Eric M. Meyers
From activity to learning: using cultural historical activity theory to model school library programmes and practices

Benny Karpatschof
Human activity - contributions to the anthropological sciences from a perspective of activity theory.

Other peer-reviewed papers

J.S. Chen and H.T. Tsou
Information technology adoption for service innovation practices and competitive advantage: the case of financial firms

Angel Freddy Godoy Viera and Johnny Virgil
Uma revisão dos algoritmos de radicalização em língua portuguesa

José Antonio Gómez-Hernández y Cristóbal Pasadas-Ureña
La alfabetización informacional en bibliotecas públicas. Situación actual y propuestas para una agenda de desarrollo

Dong Hee Shin
A social dynamics of the development of community network: problems raised by a case of community network development.

J. Bronstein
The role of the research phase in information seeking behaviour of Jewish scholars: a modification of Ellis's behavioural characteristics.

Reijo Savolainen
Media credibility and cognitive authority. The case of seeking orienting information

Jela Steinerová and Jaroslav Šušol
Users' information behaviour - a gender perspective

ball Case studies in open access publishing. Number three.

John Willinsky and Ranjini Mendis
Open access on a zero budget: a case study of Postcolonial Text

ball Resúmenes en Español

Watch this: artisanal animation — one of a series of occasional columns by Terrence A. Brooks of the Information School, University of Washington, USA.

Letter to the Editor: Calvin Mooers and the patent system

Looking for something else?



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Conference announcements

ball A message to Conference organizers.

12th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research (iSHIMR). July 18 - 20, 2007. Sheffield, UK

European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations, European Association for Library and Information Education and Research and the Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists, Joint Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 19-21 September, 2007

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