vol. 27 no. 4, December, 2019

Proceedings of CoLIS: 11th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science - Oslo Metropolitan University, May 29 - June 1, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47989/colis2022

Keynote address

Marcia Bates | A proto-paradigm for information science research.

Theories, perspectives, and concepts

Jonathan Furner, Fidelia Ibekwe and Briony Birdi | From words to actions: assessing the impact of antiracist declarations in library and information science.

Björn Hammarfelt | Fences or stacks: theoretical considerations regarding references in patents.

Juliana Mestre | Derrida and digital libraries: exploring the impossibility of virtual hospitality.

Shirley Chan and Ann-Sofie Klareld | Platform or infrastructure? Perhaps both? Detangling the two concept’s knotty cross-articulations.

Olle Sköld, Lisa Börjesson and Isto Huvila | Interrogating paradata.

Short papers

Mary Greenshields and Lisa M Given | Are we there yet?: Feminist approaches in information science.

Randolf Mariano | Searching for a theory and concept of library diplomacy: a theoretical review.

Physical & mental health—information needs

Jesper Gabs Jensen, Emil Petersen and Tove Faber Frandsen | Seeking and avoiding information: a qualitative study of the information behaviour of cancer patients.

Tim Gorichanaz | Theorizing information sources for hope: belief, desire, imagination, and metacognition.

Short papers

Alison Hicks and Annemaree Lloyd | Risk and vaccine hesitancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pranay Nangia and Ian Ruthven | Spiritual needs and modern librarianship: a survey of practising librarians in a Western context.

Librarians’ role and competencies

Camilla Moring and Trine Schreiber | Organizing professionalism. A discussion of library professionals’ role and competences in co-creation processes.

Short papers

Claes Dahlqvist | Understanding information-seeking achievement emotions - exploring a cognitive appraisal theory framework.

Tayo Nagasawa | Collaboration between academics and librarians in information literacy instruction at Aalto University following a decentralising restructure.

Fredrik Hanell, Joacim Hansson and Hanna Carlsson | Public libraries in a changed political landscape: results from a survey on political influence on South Swedish public libraries.

User groups

Janicke Stensvaag Kaasa and Åse Kristine Tveit | Teenagers in the library: participatory mediation practices.

Rachel Salzano, Hazel Hall, Gemma Webster and David Brazier | Is the public library included? An analysis of local government documentation on the integration of forced migrants in Scotland.

Tom Potash and Avshalom Elmalech | Behaviour of consumers and information providers during a pandemic: analysis of information related to Covid-19 and the way consumers in social media reacted.

Public libraries and public space

Lisa Engström | Arenas for conflict or cohesion? Rethinking public libraries as potentially democratic spheres.

Karen Nowé Hedvall, Malin Ögland and Jenny Lindberg | Digital first: challenges for public and regional libraries in Sweden.

Information and embodied information

Niloofar Solhjoo | I can tell he is in a good mood. Embodied aspects of information in human-animal relationship.

Short papers

Laura Williams | Performing information: exploring conceptualisations of embodied.

Jutta Haider, Malte Rödl and Sofie Joosse | Algorithmically embodied emissions: the environmental harm of everyday life information in digital culture.

Björn Ekström | Unfolding material constraints and opportunities in biodiversity citizen science information practices.

Public libraries

Tomoya Igarashi, Masanori Koizumi and Naomi Wake | The impact and concept of public libraries in the 21st century.

Marika Kawamoto, Motoko Yamagishi, Håkon Larsen and Masanori Koizumi | Promoting libraries as democratic spaces through governmental and municipal library strategies: Norwegian library strategies post 2014 law changes.

Motoko Yamagishi, Masanori Koizumi, Michael M. Widdersheim and Tomoya Igarash | Topic modelling of diverse events in the 21st century public library: a case analysis of New York Public Library.

Information literacy / Facts checking

Sara Ahlryd | Bridging the gap - students’ information practices in the transition to working life.

Hilda Ruokolainen | A methodological approach to misinformation: an analysis of the data creation process in two interview studies.

Antonella Foderaro and David Gunnarsson Lorentzen | Facts and arguments checking: investigating the occurrence of scientific argument on Twitter.

Jesper Solheim Johansen and Pia Borlund | Academic information searching and learning by use of Keenious and Google Scholar: a pilot study.

Reading / Literature

Anna Lundh, Åse Hedemark and Linnéa Lindsköld | Critical studies of reading: Consolidating a research approach.

Kjell Skjerdingstad and Knut Oterholm | From readers’ advisory to literary advocacy–a conceptual exploration.

Short paper

Kerstin Rydbeck, Jamie Johnston, Ágústa Pálsdóttir, Mahmood Khosrowjerdi, Andreas Vårheim, Ragnar Audunson, Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen and Henrik Jochumsen | Social Reading and the public sphere in Nordic public libraries: a comparative study.

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