Book supplement: Exploring information behaviour

Anushia Inthiran. Trust or do not trust: evaluation strategies used by online health information consumers in South East Asia.
Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Asif, and Shakil Ahmad. Librarians’ attitudes towards application of information technology in academic libraries in Pakistan.
Yuko Yoshida. Public libraries as places for self-directed lifelong learning: narratives of empowerment.
Beate Bjørklund and Ragnar Audunson. Qualification requirements in Norwegian public libraries – an analysis of job advertisements.
Shengli Deng, Shaoxiong Fu, Yong Liu and Hongxiu Li. Modelling user trust in online health rumours: an experiment-based study in China.
Lo Lee, Melissa G. Ocepek, and Stephann Makri. Creating by me, and for me: investigating the use of information creation in everyday life.
Jayhoon Kim, Su-yeong Bae, Hyekyong Hwang, and Sung-Seok Ko. An analysis of usage statistics of electronic papers in a Korean scholarly information repository.
Helena Marjukka Känsäkoski, Noora Hirvonen, Laura Palmgren-Neuvonen, Tuula Nygård, and Maija-Leena Huotari. Finnish adolescents’ selection and assessment of health information sources
Suraya Ika Tamrin, Azah Anir Norman, and Suraya Hamid. Intention to share: the relationship between cybersecurity behaviour and sharing specific content in Facebook
Andrés Fernández-Ramos, and Leticia Barrionuevo. Value-added services in institutional repositories in Spanish public universities

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