Special supplement: Proceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Krakow, Poland, 9-11 October, 2018: Part 2


Vanja Ida Erčulj, Aleš Žiberna and Vislava Globevnik Velikonja
Exploring online social support among infertility treatment patients: a text-mining approach
Andrej Miklosik, Nina Evans, Stefan Zak and Julia Lipianska
A framework for constructing optimisation models to increase the visibility of organizations' information in search engines
Katie Wilson, Cameron Neylon, Lucy Montgomery and Chun-Kai (Karl) Huang
Access to academic libraries: an indicator of openness?
J. David Johnson
Network analysis approaches to collaborative information seeking in inter-professional health care teams
Shengli Wu, Zhongmin Zhang and Chunlin Xu
Evaluating the effectiveness of Web search engines on results diversification
Gerd Berget and Frode Eika Sandnes
Why textual search interfaces fail: a study of cognitive skills needed to construct successful queries
Sophie Rutter, Paul D. Clough and Elaine G. Toms
Using classroom talk to understand children's search processes for tasks with different goals


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