Sang Yup Lee
Effects of relational characteristics of an answerer on perceived credibility of informational posts on social networking sites: the case of Facebook
Holmes Miller
Veblen online: information and the risk of commandeering the conspicuous self
Jasmine Yoo Jung Hong, Narae Kim, Sangwon Lee and Jang Hyun Kim
Community disaster resilience and social solidarity on social media: a semantic network analysis of the Sewol ferry disasters
Sebastian Schultheiß, Sebastian Sünkler and Dirk Lewandowski
We still trust in Google, but less than 10 years ago: an eye-tracking study
Shadi Shakeri, Nicholas Evangelopoulos and Oksana Zavalina
The interplay between knowledge gap and perceived risk in motivating risk information seeking.
Melinda Oroszlányová, Carla Teixeira Lopes, Sérgio Nunes and Cristina Ribeiro
Can user and task characteristics be used as predictors of success in health information retrieval sessions?


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