Sara Salehi, Jia Tina Du and Helen Ashman
Use of Web search engines and personalisation in information searching for educational purposes
Boryung Ju and Dan Albertson
Exploring factors influencing acceptance and use of video digital libraries
Rong Tang and Yeseul Song
Cognitive styles and eye movement patterns: an empirical investigation into user interactions with interface elements and visualisation objects of a scientific information system
Tali Gazit, Jenny Bronstein, Yair Amichai-Hamburger, Noa Aharony, Judit Bar-Ilan and Oren Perez
Active participants and lurkers in online discussion groups: an exploratory analysis of focus group interviews and observation.
Jisue Lee and Ji Hei Kang
Crying mothers mobilise for a collective action: collaborative information behaviour in an online community
Juan Chen and Yong Liu
Exploring reward mechanisms on social question and answer Websites: quantifying the interdependences among user activities
Kirsten Schlebbe
Selecting digital children's books: an interview study
Elina Late
Reading orientations in state research institutes


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