Anna Hampson Lundh
Subject positions of children in information behaviour research
Sanghee Oh, Yan Zhang and Min Sook Park
Cancer information seeking in social question and answer services. Identifying health-related topics in cancer questions on Yahoo! Answers
David I. Méndez and M. Ángeles Alcaraz
Simultaneous and comparable numerical indicators of international, national and local collaboration practices in English-medium astrophysics research papers
Reijo Savolainen
Elaborating the conceptual space of information-seeking phenomena
Sarah Barriage
‘Talk, talk and more talk': parental perceptions of young children's information practices related to their hobbies and interests
Liia Lauri, Mati Heidmets and Sirje Virkus
The information culture of higher education institutions: the Estonian case
Chris Leeder and Chirag Shah
Strategies, obstacles, and attitudes: student collaboration in information seeking and synthesis projects

ball Resúmenes en Español


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Call for papers: materiality and social dynamics of information infrastructures and learning

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