Naresh Kumar Agarwal
Towards a definition of serendipity in information behaviour
Robert Irvine and Hazel Hall
Factors, frameworks and theory: a review of the information systems literature on success factors in project management
Clare Thornley, Anthony Watkinson, David Nicholas, Rachel Volentine, Hamid R. Jamali, Eti Herman, Suzie Allard, Kenneth J. Levine and Carol Tenopir
The role of trust and authority in the citation behaviour of researchers
Dan Albertson
Effects of topic progression in interactive video retrieval experimentation
Carlos Hidalgo, Francisco Ther, and Asunción Diaz
Applying the user meta model to the analysis of scientific knowledge production and transfer. insights from exploring scientific, small-scale, fishery management in Chile
Gloria Ponjuán, María Pinto and Alejandro Uribe-Tirado
Conceptualización y perspectivas de la alfabetización informacional en Iberoamérica: un estudio Delphi
Lin Wang and Fei Guo
Environmental cognitions and scanning behaviour of managers of Chinese small and medium-size enterprises: an empirical study of a multidimensional model
Anthony Cocciolo
The rise and fall of text on the Web: a quantitative study of Web archives
Jin Ha Lee, Rachel Ivy Clarke and Yea-Seul Kim
Video game information needs and game organization: differences by sex and age
Tenny Webster, Kathleen Gollner and Lisa P. Nathan
Neighbourhood book exchanges: localising information practices
Tung-Mou Yang and Yi-Jung Wu
Exploring the effectiveness of cross-boundary information sharing in the public sector: the perspective of government agencies
Sylvain K. Cibangu
A new direction in information science research: making information science a human science
Safirotu Khoir, Jia Tina Du and Andy Koronios
Everyday information behaviour of Asian immigrants in South Australia: a mixed-methods exploration

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