Kate Friday
Learning from e-family history: a model of online family historian research behaviour

Ágústa Pálsdóttir
Preferences in the use of social media for seeking and communicating health and lifestyle information

Sanghee Oh and Soojung Kim
College students' use of social media for health in the USA and Korea.

Remigiusz Sapa, Monika Krakowska and Małgorzata Janiak
Information seeking behaviour of mathematicians: scientists and students

Arthur Taylor and Heather A. Dalal
Information literacy standards and the World Wide Web: results from a student survey on evaluation of Internet information sources

Miamaria Saastamoinen and Sanna Kumpulainen
Expected and materialised information source use by municipal officials: intertwining with task complexity

Laura Muir, Fionnuala Cousins and Audrey Laing
The case for a risk-assessed approach to organizational records management in the oil and gas sector

Jennifer Grandbois and Jamshid Beheshti
A bibliometric study of scholarly articles published by library and information science authors about open access

Jacqueline MacDonald, Peter A. Bath and Andrew Booth
Reaching health service managers with research

Yin Zhang and Shengli Deng
Social question and answer services versus library virtual reference: evaluation and comparison from the users' perspective

Alon Friedman
The relationship between research method and visual display: a study of conference proceedings in the field of knowledge organization

Paul Margree, Andrew MacFarlane, Ludovica Price and Lyn Robinson
Information behaviour of music record collectors

Special supplement: Proceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Leeds, 2-5 September, 2014: Part 1.

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