Thematic issue on e-book research

T.D. Wilson
The e-book phenomenon: a disruptive technology
Zoran Velagić
The discourse on printed and electronic books: analogies, oppositions, and perspectives
Annika Bergström and Lars Höglund
A national survey of early adopters of e-book reading in Sweden
Elena Maceviciute, Martin Borg, Ramune Kuzminiene and Katie Konrad
The acquisition of e-books in the libraries of Swedish higher education institutions
Anabel Quan-Haase, Kim Martin and Kathleen Schreurs
Not all on the same page: e-book adoption and technology exploration by seniors
Hazel C. Engelsmann, Elke Greifeneder, Nikoline D. Lauridsen and Anja G. Nielsen
Validation of the visitor and resident framework in an e-book setting
Ji Hei Kang and Nancy Everhart
Digital textbooks: school librarians' stages of concerns in initial implementation
Adam Girard
Reader’s block: a systematic review of barriers to adoption, access and use in e-book user studies

Regular papers

Pere Masip
Impact of assessment criteria on publication behaviour. The case of communication research in Spain
Pamela J. McKenzie, Elisabeth Davies and Sherilyn Williams
Information creation and the ideological code of managerialism in the work of keeping track
M. Asim Qayyum and Kirsty Williamson
The online information experiences of news-seeking young adults
M. Asim Qayyum, Kim M. Thompson, Mary Anne Kennan and Annemaree Lloyd
The provision and sharing of information between service providers and settling refugees
Patricia M. Alexander and Emile Silvis
Towards extending actor-network theory with a graphical syntax for information systems research
Diane H. Sonnenwald, Hanna Maurin Söderholm, Gregory F. Welch, Bruce A. Cairns, James E. Manning and Henry Fuchs
Illuminating collaboration in emergency health care situations: paramedic-physician collaboration and 3D telepresence technology

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