Rhiannon Gainor and France Bouthillier
Conceptualizing outcome and impact measures for intelligence services
Graeme Baxter
Open for business? An historical, comparative study of public access to information about two controversial coastal developments in North-east Scotland
Isto Huvila, Jon Eriksen, Eva-Maria Häusner and Ina-Maria Jansson
Continuum thinking and the contexts of personal information management
Cristian Moral, Angélica de Antonio, Ricardo Imbert and Jaime Ramírez
A survey of stemming algorithms in information retrieval
Christine Nya-Ling Tan and T. Ramayah
The role of motivators in improving knowledge-sharing among academics
Rae-Anne Diehm and Mandy Lupton
Learning information literacy
Nadine Desrochers and Jen Pecoskie
Inner circles and outer reaches: local and global information-seeking habits of authors in acknowledgment paratext
Jenny Bronstein
Creating possible selves: information disclosure behaviour on social networks
Irene Lopatovska and Bobby Smiley
Proposed model of information behaviour in crisis: the case of Hurricane Sandy
Mary Ann Harlan, Christine Bruce and Mandy Lupton
Creating and sharing: teens’ information practices in digital communities

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The June 2014 issue of the journal will be devoted to e-book research and practice. Two types of contributions are sought: scholarly research papers that explore any aspect of the e-book phenomenon, from authorship to readership; and reports on practice, illustrating the way libraries of all kinds are dealing with e-books in their daily work, or how publishers are responding to the phenomenon. The practice reports should be submitted under the category of Working Papers at the OJS site of the journal. The scholarly papers will be subject to the usual double-blind peer review, while the practice reports will undergo editorial review by members of the Editorial Board. Papers may be submitted at any time up to February 1, 2014, while Working Papers may be submitted up to 31 March, 2014

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