Xiaoli Huang and Dagobert Soergel
Functional relevance and inductive development of an e-retailing product information typology
Guido Ongena, Lidwien van de Wijngaert and Erik Huizer
Acceptance of online audio-visual cultural heritage archive services: a study of the general public
Monica Lassi and Diane H. Sonnenwald
The socio-technical design of a library and information science collaboratory
Chris Kimble
Knowledge management, codification and tacit knowledge
Misook Heo
Assessing user needs of Web portals: a measurement model
Wee-Kheng Tan and Yu-Chung Chang
Improving users' credibility perception of travel expert blogs: useful lessons from television travel shows
Uta Papen
Conceptualising information literacy as social practice: a study of pregnant women's information practices.
Jaume Nualart and Mario Pérez-Montoro
Texty, a visualization tool to aid selection of texts from search outputs

Working paper

Paul Clough and Mark Sanderson
Evaluating the performance of information retrieval systems using test collections

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Call for papers

The June 2014 issue of the journal will be devoted to e-book research and practice. Two types of contributions are sought: scholarly research papers that explore any aspect for the e-book phenomenon, from authorship to readership; and reports on practice, illustrating the way libraries of all kinds are dealing with e-books in their daily work. The latter should be submitted under the category of Working Papers at the OJS site of the journal. The scholarly papers will be subject to the usual double-blind peer review, while the practice reports will undergo editorial review by members of the Editorial Board. Papers may be submitted at any time up to February 1, 2014, while Working Papers may be submitted up to 31 March, 2014

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Conference announcements

Colis 8: Eighth International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, August 19-22, 2013
17th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, Valetta, Malta, 22-26 September, 2013
European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), Istanbul, Turkey, 22-25 October, 2013
ISIC: The Information Behaviour Conference, Leeds, 2-5 September, 2014

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