Thematic issue on the opportunistic discovery of information, being a selection of papers from the International Workshop on Opportunistic Discovery of Information, University of Missouri, October 2010.

Sanda Erdelez and Stephann Makri
Introduction to the thematic issue on opportunistic discovery of information

Ágústa Pálsdóttir
Opportunistic discovery of information by elderly Icelanders and their relatives
Victoria L. Rubin, Jacquelyn Burkell and Anabel Quan-Haase
Facets of serendipity in everyday chance encounters: a grounded theory approach to blog analysis
Borchuluun Yadamsuren and Jannica Heinström
Emotional reactions to incidental exposure to online news
Makiko Miwa, Yuka Egusa, Hitomi Saito, Masao Takaku, Hitoshi Terai & Noriko Kando
A method to capture information encountering embedded in exploratory Web searches
Abigail McBirnie and Christine Urquhart
Motifs: dominant interaction patterns in event structures of serendipity
Xu Sun, Sarah Sharples and Stephann Makri
A user-centred mobile diary study approach to understanding serendipity in information research
Lori McCay-Peet and Elaine Toms
Measuring the dimensions of serendipity in digital environments
Sanda Erdelez, Josipa Basic and Deborah D. Levitov
Potential for inclusion of information encountering within information literacy models

Workshop reports

Carol E. Smith and C. Sean Burns
The first international workshop on opportunistic discovery of information
Stephann Makri and Ann Blandford
What is serendipity? A workshop report

Regular papers

Panos Balatsoukas, Ann O'Brien and Anne Morris
The effects of discipline on the application of learning object metadata in UK higher education: the case of the Jorum repository
Hemalata Iyer and Lucy Bungo
An examination of semantic relationships between professionally assigned metadata and user-generated tags for popular literature in complementary and alternative medicine
Ina Fourie and Retha Claasen-Veldsman
Exploration of the needs of South African oncology nurses for current awareness services available through the Internet
E.B. Visser and M. Weideman
Search engine optimisation versus Website usability: conflicting requirements?

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