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Volume 13 No 4 December, 2008

Summaries of Doctoral Workshop presentations from the 7th conference on Information Seeking in Context, Vilnius, September 2008

Saraleena Aarnitaival
Immigrants seeking work life - related information - a study of the information practices of Russian and Kurd women in Finland

Esther Ebole Isah
The information practices of physicians in clinical practice

Shelagh K. Genuis
Making sense of changing and evolving health information: exploring uncertainty in an 'evidence-based' world

Saila Huuskonen
Documentation and use of client information system by social workers in child protection services

Nurain H. Ibrahim
Research on information and knowledge sharing in emergency response: a case study of the offshore oil and gas industry

Sung Un Kim
Information seeking and use of high school students with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds in learning contexts

Lorie Andrea Kloda
Exploring rehabilitation therapists' clinical questions for evidence based patient care

Helena Känsäkoski
The value creating network in preventive health care. Medical doctors as information providers and knowledge producers in counseling in the context of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2.

Spencer C. Lilley
Information, indigeneity and identity: the information seeking behaviours of Maori secondary school students

Anna Lundh
Information seeking and use of high school students with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds in learning contexts

J.T. Minion
The information world of gay men living with HIV

Tami Oliphant
Contested knowledge and information behaviour: treatments for depression

Peter Stokes
Developing an information seeking behaviour profile for nursing and midwifery students

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