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Volume 13 No 4 December, 2008

Proceedings of the 7th conference on Information Seeking in Context, Vilnius, September 2008

Edited by Elena Macevičiūtė and T.D. Wilson

Bonnie Nardi
Keynote address. Mixed realities: information spaces then and now

Carol C. Kuhlthau, Jannica Heinström and Ross J. Todd
The 'information search process' revisited: is the model still useful?

Jennifer M. Berryman
Influences on the judgement of enough information

Noa Fink-Shamit and Judit Bar-Ilan
Information quality assessment on the Web: an expression of behaviour

Allen Foster, Christine Urquhart and Janet Turner
Validating coding for a theoretical model of information behaviour

Snunith Shoham and Sarah Kaufman Strauss
Immigrants' information needs: their role in the absorption process

Ina Fourie
Information needs and information behaviour of patients and family members in a cancer palliative care setting

Pertti Vakkari
Keynote address. Trends and approaches in information behaviour research

Reijo Savolainen
Autonomous, controlled and half-hearted. Unemployed people's motivations to seek information about jobs

Karen Nowé, Elena Macevičiūtė and T.D. Wilson
Tensions and contradictions in the information behaviour of Board members of a voluntary organization

Nei-Ching Yeh
The social construction of the world of gay and lesbian people and their information behaviour

Kirsty Williamson
Where information is paramount: a mixed methods multi-disciplinary investigation of Australian online investors

Shunsaku Tamura, Makiko Miwa, Mika Koshizuka, Nozomi Ikeya, Seiichi Saito, Yumiko Kasai, Yasunori Saito and Norihisa Awamura
Satisfaction and perception of usefulness among users of business information services in Japan

Eric Thivant and Laïd Bouzidi
Analysis of information sources representation for financial product design: new perspectives for information seeking and use behaviour.

Kristina Eriksson-Backa
Access to health information: perception of barriers among elderly in a language minority

Isto Huvila
The information condition: information resources and use in labour, work and action

Lennart Björneborn
Serendipity dimensions and users' information behaviour in the physical library interface

Elena Macevičiūtė and T.D. Wilson
Information behaviour in research network building by relocated scholars in Swedish higher education: a report on a pilot project

Birgitta Olander
Scholarly communication in transition: computer scientists' information behaviour over twenty years

Spencer C. Lilley
Information barriers and Maori secondary school students

Mikko Tanni, Eero Sormunen and Antti Syvänen
Prospective history teachers' information behaviour in lesson planning

Lynne (E.F.) McKechnie, Heidi Julien, Shelagh K. Genuis and Tami Oliphant
Communicating research findings to library and information science practitioners: a study of ISIC papers from 1996 to 2000

Makiko Miwa and Hideaki Takahashi
Knowledge acquisition and modification in students' exploratory Web search processes while career planning

Brendan Luyt, Chia Zuhaila Bte Chia Zainal, Olivia Victoria Petines Mayo, and Tan Siow Yun
Young people's perceptions and usage of Wikipedia

David K. Allen, T.D. Wilson, Alastair W.T. Norman and Charles Knight
Information on the move: the use of mobile information systems by UK Police Forces

Jeonghyun Kim
Perceived difficulty as a determinant of Web search success

Jela Steinerová
Seeking relevance in academic information use

Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson and Jo Orsatti
Rhythms of being at ISIC - understanding the place of the ISIC conferences in information seeking research

J.V. Rodríguez Jr., F.J. Martínez and J.V. Rodríguez
Analysis of the similarity of the responses of Web search engines to user queries: a user perspective

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