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Volume 12 No 4 October, 2007

Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Conceptions in Library and Information Science, Borås, Sweden, 13-16 August, 2007

Guest Editorial

Keynote papers

Elisabeth Orna
Collaboration between library and information science and information design disciplines. On what? Why? Potential benefits?

Andrew Dillon
Library and information science as a research domain: problems and prospects

Peer-reviewed papers

Sanna Talja and Jenna Hartel
Revisiting the user-centered turn in information science research: an intellectual history perspective

R. David Lankes, Joanne Silverstein, Scott Nicholson and Todd Marshall
Participatory networks: the library as conversation

Birger Hjørland
Arguments for 'the bibliographical paradigm'. Some thoughts inspired by the new English edition of the UDC

Melanie Feinberg
Hidden bias to responsible bias: an approach to information systems based on Haraway's situated knowledges

Hsia-Ching Chang and Terrence Maxwell
A synergistic alternative to readers' advisory services: managing customer knowledge

Yang Sok Kim and Byeong Ho Kang
Tracking government Websites for information integration

Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson
Settings, arenas and boundary objects: socio-material framings of information practices

Jan Nolin
What's in a turn?

Debbie L. Rabina and David J. Walczyk
Information professionals' attitude toward the adoption of innovations in everyday life

Nishikant Kapoor, John T. Butler, Gary C. Fouty, James A. Stemper and Joseph A. Konstan
Resolvability of references in users' personal collections

Birgitta Olander
Information interaction among computer scientists. A longitudinal study

Jennie A. Abrahamson and Karen E. Fisher
'What's past is prologue': towards a general model of lay information mediary behaviour

Douglas Colbeck
Understanding knowledge genesis by means of multivariate factor analysis of epistemological belief structures

Lars Qvortrup
The public library: from information access to knowledge management - a theory of knowledge and knowledge categories

Michael René Kristiansson
Strategic reflexive conversation – a new theoretical-practice field within LIS

Anna-Karin Tötterman and Gunilla Widén-Wulff
What a social capital perspective can bring to the understanding of information sharing in a university context

Ragnar Andreas Audunson, Andreas Vårheim, Erling Dokk-Holm and Svanhild Aabø
Public libraries, social capital and low intensive meeting places

Dominique Maurel and Pierrette Bergeron
Problem situations encountered by middle managers working in a municipality in transition

Hong (Iris) Xie
Shifts in information-seeking strategies in information retrieval in the digital age: Planned-situational model

Jeppe Nicolaisen and Tove Faber Frandsen
The handicap principle: a new perspective for library and information science research

J. Tuomas Harviainen
Live-action, role-playing environments as information systems: an introduction

Justine Carlisle
Digital music and generation Y: discourse analysis of the online music information behaviour talk of five young Australians

Katriina Byström
Approaches to task in contemporary information studies

Jette Hyldegård and Peter Ingwersen
Task complexity and information behaviour in group based problem solving

Louise Limberg
Learning assignment as task in information seeking research

Marcia J. Bates
Defining the information disciplines in encyclopedia development

Gerald Benoit
Critical theory and the legitimation of library and information science

David Bawden
Information as self-organized complexity; a unifying viewpoint

Deborah Turner
Conceptualizing oral documents

Vesa Suominen
The problem of 'userism', and how to overcome it in library theory

Annemaree Lloyd
Recasting information literacy as socio-cultural practice: implications for library and information science researchers

Educational forum

David Bawden
Introduction: Facing the educational future

Invited papers

Michael Seadle and Elke Greifeneder
Envisioning an iSchool curriculum

Polona Vilar, Maja Žumer and Jessica Bates
Information seeking and information retrieval curricula development for modules taught in two library and information science schools: the cases of Ljubljana and Dublin

Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson
Information, media, digital industries and the library and information science curriculum. [Abstract only]

Peer-reviewed papers

Hairong Yu and Mari Davis
The case for curriculum reform in Australian information management & library and information science education: Part 1. Technology and digitization as drivers.

Tibor Koltay
A new direction for library and information science: the communication aspect of information literacy

Prudence W. Dalrymple and Nancy Roderer
Library information science and biomedical informatics: converging disciplines

Lars Seldén
The Bologna process and the ups and downs of professionalisation in Swedish public libraries

Poster abstracts

Fredrik Åström
Heterogeneity and homogeneity in library and information science research

Johanna Rivano Eckerdal
Young women evaluating information sources before choosing a contraceptive. Dimensions of information literacy and democracy

Rhiannon Gainor, Lisa Given, Stan Ruecker, Andrea Ruskin, Elisabeth (Bess) Sadler and Heather Simpson
Visualization as a research and design approach for library and information science: exploring seniors’ use of a visual search interface

Mirka Grešková
Human-agent interaction from the perspective of information behaviour and usability

Päivi Helminen
From novice to nutrition expert – exploration of nutrition expertise and information use of nutritionists

Eva Hornung
The smart ones: one-person librarians in Ireland and continuing professional development

Evangelina Koundouraki
The information cycle in the European Commission's policy-making process

Jan Larsson
The retrievability of a discipline : a domain analytic view of classification

Staša Milojević
Big science, nano science? Mixed method approach to mapping evolution and structure of nanotechnology


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