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Volume 10 No 2 January, 2005


Papers presented at ISIC 2004: the 5th Information Seeking in Context Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 1-3 September, 2004

Keynote address: Carol Kuhlthau
Towards collaboration between information seeking research and information retrieval

Allen Foster
A non-linear model of information seeking behaviour

Lynne McKechnie, George Goodall, D. Lajoie-Paquette and Heidi Julien
How human information behaviour researchers use each other's work: a basic citation analysis study.

Michael Olsson
Meaning and authority: the social construction of an 'author' among information behaviour researchers

Åse Hedemark, Jenny Hedman and Olof Sundin
Speaking of users: on user discourses in the field of public libraries

Karen Fisher, Charles Naumer, Joan Durrance, Lynn Stromski and Torbern Christiansen
Something old, something new: preliminary findings from an exploratory study about people's information habits and information grounds

Christina Courtright
Health information-seeking among Latino newcomers: an exploratory study

Hester Meyer
The nature of information and its effective use in rural development

Maureen L. Mackenzie
Managers look to the social network to seek information

Konstantina Martzoukou
A review of Web information seeking research: considerations of method and foci of interest

Xiangmin Zhang, Hermina G.B. Anghelescu and Xiaojun Yuan
Domain knowledge, search behaviour, and search effectiveness of engineering and science students: an exploratory study

Eeva-Liisa Eskola
Information literacy of medical students studying in the problem-based and traditional curriculum

David Allen
Spreading the load: mobile information and communications technologies and their effect on information overload

Theresa Anderson
Relevance as process: judgements in the context of scholarly research

Claire R. McInerney and Nora J. Bird
Assessing Website quality in context: retrieving information about genetically modified food on the Web

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Watch this: help for sick pages — one of a series of occasional columns by Terrence A. Brooks of the Information School, University of Washington, USA.


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