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Volume 1 No 1 April 1995

Information Research: an electronic journal, is published three times a year by Professor T.D. Wilson of the Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield.



ballA note on the electronic publication of Information Research

ballNon-hierarchic document clustering using a genetic algorithm
G.Jones, A.M. Robertson, C. Santimetvirul, and P. Willett.

ballAn action research approach to curriculum development
P. Riding, S.P. Fowell, and P.C.M. Levy

ballInformation systems strategy formation in higher education institutions
David K. Allen


This first issue of Information Research contains three papers originally published in the print predecessor, Information Research News . There is a considerable amount of work going on in the Computational Information Systems Research Group within the Department on the use of genetic algorithms in database-processing applications: the paper by Jones et al. describes a recent MSc Information Management dissertation project that considered their use for clustering document databases. There is increasing interest within the Department in electronic support for collaborative teaching and learning, and the paper by Riding et al. discusses current work on the development of an introductory undergraduate module on the use of computer-mediated communications. Finally, Allen reports some of the initial work in a doctoral study of the information strategies that are currently being developed in higher education institutions in the United Kingdom.

A note on the electronic publication of Information Research

This is a trial issue of an electronic version of Information Research News which publishes short papers by staff and students of the Department. We are now exploring the possibility of regular publication of Information Research to take over that function, and would welcome comments from present subscribers to the paper version, as well as from those who have not previously subscribed.

Copyright of papers accepted for Information Research rests with the author(s) and publication in this form is not intended to limit revision and subsequent publication elsewhere.

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