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Over a number of years, my interests have centred on information seeking behaviour, and information needs but I have also carried out work in the areas of office automation, information systems strategies, information service evaluation, and other aspects of the impact of information technology on organizations. I am also interested in, and have written on, electronic scholarly publishing and digital libraries and their impact on the traditional academic library, business and the World Wide Web.

Since retirement my research has been concerned with:

Some of my earlier publications are on-line - check the Publications link below - but some full-text reports are separately available:

"You can observe a lot..." a study of information use in local authority Social Services Departments, by T.D. Wilson and D.R. Streatfield. 1980. This was the report on the first two stages of the INISS Project and has been out of print for many years. Its conversion to digital form is still in progress, but a significant part of the text is currently available (i.e., in July 2003)

The Impact of Doctoral Research in Information Science and Librarianship with Dr. Mary Dykstra Lynch. Supported by the British Library Research and Innovation Centre.

The NetLinkS project. on Networked Learner Support, which was part of the e-Libs programme. The Web pages for the project are available . You will find the reports of the project, together with a great deal of information on the concept of Networked Learner Support.

Information behaviour: an inter-disciplinary perspective, carried out with the assistance of Christina Walsh and supported by the British Library Research and Innovation Centre

Uncertainty in Information Seeking. Final report to the British Library Research and Innovation Centre/Library and Information Commission on a research project carried out at the Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield. With David Ellis, Nigel Ford and Allen Foster. [Check here for Uncertainty in information seeking: a PowerPoint presentation on preliminary results from the research project. A brief description of the project is also available.

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