Professor Tom Wilson - Curriculum Vitae

NameThomas Daniel Wilson
1961Fellow of the Library Association (now Chartered Institute of Information and Library Professionals)
1970B.Sc.(Econ) University of London
1975Ph.D. University of Sheffield
Honours and Awards
1993Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Information Scientists (now Chartered Institute of Information and Library Professionals)
20002000 ALISE Award for Professional Contribution to Library and Information Education
2005Honorary Doctorate (Filosofie Hedersdoktor), University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
2009Outstanding Contributions to Information Behavior Award, Special Interest Group of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
2009Fellow of the SIG USE Academy of Fellows
2010Honorary Doctorate, University of Murcia, Spain
Present positions
Professor Emeritus, University of Sheffield.
Visiting Professor, University of Leeds Business School.
Senior Professor, University of Borås, Sweden.
Professional experience
2007-2009Special Advisor to Rektor, University of Borås, Sweden
1998-2014Professor Catedratico Convidado, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
1983-2000Professor of Information Studies, University of Sheffield.
1982-97Head of Department, Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield
1981-83Reader in Information Studies, University of Sheffield, PGSLIS.
1973-81Lecturer to Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate School of Librarianship & Information Science, University of Sheffield.
1972-73Principal Investigator, DES Local Library Cooperation Project, University of Sheffield.
(1970-71)Visiting Lecturer, University of Maryland
1961-72Assistant Lecturer to Principal Lecturer, Department of Librarianship, Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic.
1959-61Librarian, Nuclear Research Centre, C.A. Parsons & Co.
1957-59Librarian, Stockton/Billingham Technical College
(1953-55)National Service, Royal Air Force
1951-56Library Assistant, Durham County Library
External examinerships
External examinerships for postgraduate degrees and research degrees have been held at City University, College of Librarianship Wales; Polytechnic of North London; Sheffield Hallam University; Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic; Queen's University, Belfast; University College, Dublin; Loughborough University, University College London; University of Wales; University of York; University of Tampere, Finland; and Åbo Akademi, Finland
Professional activities
2007-Member, Editorial Board, Informacijos Mokslai
2004-Visiting Professor and Assistant Director, AIMTech Research Group, Leeds University Business School
2002-2004Visiting Professor, Salford University, UK
2002-2005Advisor to the Rector, Högskolan i Borås, Sweden
2000-2007Member, Editorial Board, Knygotyra
1999-Visiting Professor, Högskolan i Borås, Sweden
1998-99Senior Scholar KALIPER Curriculum Research Project, ALISE (based at University of Michigan, USA)
1998 External adviser on future developments, School of Communications and Information Management, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
1998-Member, Editorial Board, Anales de Documentación, Escuela Universitaria de Biblioteconomía y Documentación, Universidad de Murcia, Spain.
1998External adviser on Professorial appointment, Oulu University, Finland
1997Visiting Professor, Tallin Pedagogical University, Estonia
1997-98Member, Humanities Research Board, Librarianship and Information Science Panel
1996-Member, Expert Pool, Academy of Finland
1996-2005Academic Director and Chair, Advisory Board, International Centre for Information Systems, Management and Services, Torun, Poland
1996External adviser for Department of Information Science, Strathclyde University
1995-2007Member, Editorial Board, Education for Information
1995-96Member, RAE Panel for Librarianship and Information Management
1994External adviser on Professorial appointment, Loughborough University of Technology
1994External adviser on Professorial appointment, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
1993-97Research Adviser, De Montfort University, Leicester
1993-95Member, Referee Panel for the ELVIRA Conferences on the Electronic Library
1993-Member, Editorial Board, McGraw-Hill Series in Information Systems, Management and Strategy
1993External adviser on Professorial appointment, Strathclyde University
1992-96Member, DfE/BLRDD Committee for the Award of Research Studentships
1992-97Chairman, Heads of Departments and Schools Committee of British Association for Information and Library Education and Research
1991-98Board Member, EUCLID: European Association for Library and Information Education and Research
1990-92Chairman, Association of British Library and Information Science Schools
1989-97Member, Society for Information Management, and Board Member 1994-97
1989Member, Research Resources Advisory Group of the ESRC
1988-1993Member, Steering Committee of the ESRC InTER Programme
1988Visiting Professor, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia
1987-89Member, Human Behaviour and Development Committee, Economic and Social Research Council
1987-94Software Reviews Editor, International Journal of Information Management
1987-2007Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Information Management
1986-89Member, Advisory Committee on Education, Training and Staffing Matters of the Standing Conference of National and University Libraries
1986-89Member, Advisory Committee for the British Library Bibliographical Services Division
1985-92Member, DES Advisory Committee, EPIC Europe
1985-87Member, Research Resources and Methods Committee, Economic and Social Research Council
1985-87Founder and Editor, International Journal of Information Management
1985Member, British-American Joint Committee on Large-Scale Data Resources for the Social Sciences
1984-88Member, Librarianship and Information Studies Board, Council for National Academic Awards
1983-84Member, Library Association Working Party on Comparability of Professional Education Courses in Europe
1983-89Member, Aslib Council
1980-85Founder and Editor, Social Science Information Studies
1975-88Member, Sheffield Libraries' Coordinating Committee. Acting Chairman, 1982-88
1976-83Member, Management Committee, Centre for Research on User Studies
1975Member, Aslib Social Sciences Group Committee
1975Member, Library Association, Library Education Group Committee
1974-77Member, British Library R & D Department, Social Welfare Advisory Group
1973-78Member, Aslib Working Group on Social Welfare Information
1972-75Member, British Standards Instition Technical Committee OC/20/4 - UDC
1971-75Member, Cataloguing & Indexing Group Committee, Library Association
1969-73Member, Cataloguing Rules Committee, Library Association
1966-68National Councillor, Association of Assistant Librarians (Education Committee Chairman, 1968)
1959-69Member, Northern Branch Committee, Reference, Special and Information Section, Library Association (Vice-Chairman, 1959-69)
1959-69Member, North East Divisonal Committee, Association of Assistant Librarians. (Chairman, 1960-61)
2013-2016The case of the e-book in a "small language" culture: media technology and the digital society. Funded by Ventenskapsrådet, the Swedish Research Council.
2012-2016Participant in PERICLES: Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics. An Integrated Project funded by the European Union under its Seventh Framework Programme
2011Publishing activity and attitudes towards open access publishing in the University of Borås. (Funded by the University).
2009-2012Participant in SHAMAN: Sustaining Heritage Access through Multivalent Archiving; a Large Integrated Project co-financed by the European Union within the Seventh Framework Programme
2007Research network building by relocated scholars: a pilot study in Sweden
2005-2006National survey of mobile data applications in UK Police Forces for the Police Information Technology Office.
2005-2006EURYDICE: EUropean Recommended materIals for Distance learnIng Courses for Educators
2005Information requirements in UK Fire Services (Supported by Office of the Deputy Prime Minister - eFire Programme)
2004-2005Case studies in the application of mobile information systems in local government. (Supported by Office of the Deputy Prime Minister - Project NOMAD)
2003-2004 Evaluation of experiments in broadband services for disadvantaged groups in South Yorkshire (Supported by Office of the Deputy Prime Minister - eGovernment Programme)
2000-2002Personal research: Information overload in major corporations (Supported by Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting))
2000-2001Personal research: Implementing mobile computing in a police force (Supported by Surrey Police)
1997-2000Project Head, 'Uncertainty in information seeking' (Grant of £66,450 from British Library Research and Innovation Centre)
1996-97Project Head, 'The impact of Doctoral research in information science and librarianship' (Grant of £14,100)
1995-98Project Head, NetLinkS project on 'Information for Networked Learner Support'. (Two grants of £78,000 and £182,409 from the HEFC e-Libs programme)
1995Information for GP decision making on patient care. (A grant of £6,000 from the British Library R & D Department)
1995Information-seeking behaviour: a multidisciplinary approach. (A grant of £10,500 from the British Library R & D Department)
1994Information needs of university heads of department. (A grant of £37,800 from the British Library R & D Department, jointly with Mr. F.B. Loughridge)
1994Information and company performance. (A grant of £40,000 from the British Library R & D Department)
1993EQUIP: a European study on quality criteria for on-line databases. (In association with the Cura Consortium)
1992Personal research, with student assistance: Business Process Redesign in the insurance industry. (Small grant of £2,500 from the Andersen Foundation)
1991Personal research, with student assistance: Information systems strategies in the U.K. insurance industry. (Small grant of £2,500 from the Andersen Foundation)
1991Personal research, with student assistance: The use of the critical success factors technique in establishing the information needs of academic Heads of Departments
1990-91Information needs in industry in the north of Portugal. In association with the Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia Industrial, Lisbon, and the Associacao Industrial Portuense, Oporto
1989-90The contribution of thesis research to the literature of the social sciences. Supported by a grant of £21,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council
1988Information system strategies in UK companies. [Personal research, supported by Andersen Consulting]
1986The internal dissemination and impact of inhouse research in social services departments. [Personal research]
1986-87Project Head, The Impact of Information Research. Supported by grant from the BLRDD of £8,800
1985-86Further independent research for the BLRDD on office automation
1984-87Project Head, Information Needs in Business. Supported by a grant from BLRDD of £35,400
1983-84Independent research for British Library R & D Department on Office Automation and Information Services
1982-89Project Head, Consultancy and Research Unit (CRUS). Formerly the Centre for Research on User Studies, CRUS was supported by grants from the BL R & D Department and other agencies
1978-80Project Head, Local Government Information Needs. Supported by BL R & D Department Grant of £38,000
1975-77Project Head, Information Needs in Local Authority Social Services Departments. Supported by British Library R & D Department grant of £39,200
1974Organizer, Forum on Social Welfare Library/Information Research (Involved questionnaire survey and Delphi study)
1972-73Principal Investigator, Department of Education and Science Local Library Cooperation Project
1969-70Citation study of British Journal of Sociology, 1967-1970
1968Three months secondment to Computer Typesetting Research Project, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, to organize document collection and devise a classification scheme
1967-68Programmed instruction for indexing (resulted in publication of a programmed text.)
1963Survey of cataloguing policy and practice in British public libraries
Other grants
1993-95Grant from the European Commission of £241,119 to organize, manager and deliver a training programme in electronic information management for students from the Less Favoured Regions of Europe

Contact details
Address9 Broomfield Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, S10 2SE

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