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My consultancy work is carried out either independently or with colleagues, including those in the consultancy group, Information Management Associates, led by David Streatfield. The kind of work I do is indicated by the nature of my research and publications, but it tends to fall into the following categories:

Information management techniques, especially user surveys, information audits, communication audits.

Management counselling: helping managers to define and find solutions to organizational problems.

Strategic information planning in organizations.

Strategic planning of educational programmes in the information sector.

Survey research methods and practice: advising on appropriate methods for, and carrying out, surveys of information needs and uses, questionnaire and interview schedule design, telephone interviewing, focus group interviews, and other aspects of survey research. Quantitative and qualitative survey analysis.

Training in these and other areas. 

In recent years my consultancy has taken something of a new turn as a result of a part-time appointment as Advisor to the Rector of a University College in Sweden, where I work on matters to do with doctoral programmes, information strategy, and research issues.

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