ISIC: the information behaviour conference

This is the ISIC Website, your entry point for all information relating to the conference series, the papers presented and future events.

History of the Conference series

The first ISIC Conference was held in Tampere, Finland in 1996. At the end of the conference it was agreed that the conference should be biennial. Professor Tom Wilson offered Sheffield University as the venue and the second conference was duly held there in 1998, when the Permanent Committee was established. It was decided that a Permanent Committee should be established for the Conference, since all participants agreed that it was desirable to maintain the conference series, as the only one devoted to information seeking behaviour and information use. ISIC was becoming recognized as a major venue for the community of scholars pursuing research in this area.

The Permanent Committee has continued in existence, with regular renewal of members and some expansion and has successfully continued the conference series, with meetings, to date, in Gothenburg, Dublin, Lisbon, Sydney, Vilnius, Murcia, Tokyo, Leeds and Zadar.

The proceedings of the first two conferences were published in book form by Taylor Graham. The next two were published as the annual serial publication, The New Review of Information Behaviour Research, under the general editorship of Professor Pertti Vakkari and from the same publisher. Taylor Graham's journals were sold to Taylor and Francis and the Permanent Committee decided to seek open access publication. Consequently, in 2004 the proceedings were published in Information Research, and the proceedings of subsequent conferences have continued to be published there.