Information Behavior of Excite Users

Research provided by the School of Library and Information Sciences at University of North Texas, home of the Mean Green Eagles.

Thank you for participating in our survey. The results of this survey will be used to help improve Excite services.

1. How often have you used Excite to find information?

2. Describe your current search topic (e.g., Looking for information on health care companies with offices in Minneapolis who . . . ):

3. List your query terms for your current topic (e.g., health care, Minneapolis . . . ):

4. Status of your information gathering on your current topic?

5. How many times have you used Excite to find information on your current topic?

6. If you have used Excite previously for information on your current topic, have your search query terms changed since your first search of Excite?
  Yes     No

7. Have you found relevant information on your current topic using Excite?
  Yes     No

8. What other sources have you used or do you plan to use to find the information on your current topic?
Other Web Browsers
Databases, e.g., DIALOG
Human sources
Print sources, e.g., newspapers, magazines

9. Comments on any of the above questions or related issues:

10. Your age?

11. Your gender?
  Female     Male

12. Number of hours per week you use a computer?

13. Average number of hours per week you use the Internet?

14. Type of Internet Domain you use?

15. Your occupation?

16. Highest level of education?

17. Your location?

18. Which platform do you use?

Thank you very much for your time and attention to our survey.


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