Information Research, Vol. 10 No. 3, April, 2005

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IFIP TC8 Working Conference on Mobile Information Systems - 2005
Leeds, UK, December 5-6, 2005

Paper submission by May 30, 2005 (Extended final deadline)


Mobility is perhaps the most important market and technological trend in information and communication technology. With the advent of new mobile infrastructures providing higher bandwidth and constant connection to the network from virtually everywhere, the way people use information resources for work and leisure is being radically transformed. The rapid developments in information technology, particularly communication and collaboration technologies, are substantially changing the landscape of organizational computing. Workers in any business area are becoming increasingly mobile. Workers in more and more areas will be required to act flexibly within the constraints of the business processes of the company (or companies) they are currently working for. At the same time they will often want to use the same information technology to support their private tasks.

In recent years, a new breed of information systems has appeared to address this emerging situation, referred to as mobile information systems. Specific applications are also being characterized as, among others, m-Commerce, m-Learning and m-Business.

Objective of the Working Conference

The objective of the working conference is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in planning, analysis, design, construction, modification, implementation, utilization, evaluation, and management of mobile information systems to meet, and exchange research ideas and results following up on MOBIS’04 held in Oslo September 2004. It also provides this group of researchers with an opportunity to present their research papers, and to take part in open discussions. Specifically, we would like to use the working conference to:

The relevant topics for this working conference include (but are not limited to) the following aspects of mobile information systems and m-Commerce systems:

A special track in the conference will be devoted to adaptivity in the mobile information systems area. Adaptive systems are able to modify their behaviour according to context changes or if failures of services occur. The track will focus on the following topics:

Keynote presentation by Professor Jan Damsgaard, Copenhagen Business School

Important dates:

Submission guidelines:

Papers must be original, unpublished elsewhere and between 16 and 24 pages long double-spaced. Both paper manuscripts and panel proposals can be submitted through, alternatively send the paper directly to If questions with the use of the conference management system, contact Prof. John Krogstie (

The paper must contain the title and abstract, a list of keywords, the text and should not identify the author (s) in any manner. Contact details should be provided through the conference manager system. Authors willing to candidate their papers for the special track should indicate 'adaptive IS track' as a keyword in their submission Once accepted, final papers must be submitted in IFIP/Kluwer camera ready format. This is not necessary for the reviewing draft. Guidelines (templates) for formatting are available at More details including the final page limitation will be provided at a later stage.

Authors of the best papers will be invited to submit an extended and updated version of their work to a special issue in a Journal.

Panels are required to generate active discussion on key issues related to the conference theme. All panel proposals should include:

Accepted papers as well as summaries of panels will be published in the Kluwer/Springer proceedings. One author of each paper must attend to present the paper at the conference. All participants will receive a copy of the final proceedings.

International Programme Committee

Carl Adams
Brad Anderson
Luciano Baresi
Richard Baskerville
Boualem Benatallah
Claudio Bettini
Jennifer Blechar
Pam Couetts
Gordana Culjak
Jan Damsgaard
Jashir Dhaliwal
Chiara Francalanci
George Giaglis
Garrick Jones
Manfred Hauswirth
Jo Herstad
Ravi Kalakota
Sherif Kamel
Hannu Kangassalo
Christen Krogh
Elaine Lawrence
Binshan Lin
Kalle Lyytinen
Ralf Muhlberger
Erich Neuhold
Erik Gøsta Nilsson
Bill Olle
Lim Ee Peng
Barbara Pernici
Wolfgang Prinz
Siggi Reich
Dewald Roode
Gustavo Rossi
Matti Rossi
Keng Siau
David Simplot
Guttorm Sindre
Mikael B. Skov
Kari Smolander
Robert Steele
Carsten Sørensen
Marie Thilliez
Jari Veijalainen
Anthony Wasserman
Jens Wehrmann

Conference co-chairs

Organizing ChairProgramme Co-Chairs
Dr. David Allen
Business School
The University of Leeds
Prof. John Krogstie
SINTEF and Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology,
Prof. Karlheinz Kautz
Copenhagen Business School,
MOBIS 05 is being organized by the AIMTech Research Group of Leeds University Business School. General Enquiries should be addressed to For updates see the Website