Digital information in the Information Research field

The journals and newsletters listed here all include at least a sample of papers or news items that are freely accessible. Sites that simply provide the contents lists of journals that are not freely accessible are not listed. Note that only journals that still appear to be 'live' at the time this list was compiled are included. We welcome news of new journals and newsletters that you have found useful and that have free content. E-mail your suggestions to Professor Tom Wilson.

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The Abbey Newsletter: bookbinding and conservation

"Abbey Publications is a nonprofit corporation set up to encourage preservation of the written record, including the use of lasting materials in the creation of records." Last published in 2002, this journal is now 'dead', but the archive remains.

The Alertbox

A bi-weekly newsletter on usability issues from Dr. Jakob Nielsen

ALN Magazine

"Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN) are people networks for anytime - anywhere learning . ALN combines self-study with substantial, rapid, asynchronous interactivity with others. In ALN learners use computer and communications technologies to work with remote learning resources, including coaches and other learners, but without the requirement to be online at the same time. The most common ALN communication tool is the World Wide Web."
[Ceased publication in December 2000 - archive only.]

American Libraries

American Libraries is published monthly except bimonthly June/July by the American Library Association. The on-line version offers the news pages, special reports, the Internet Librarian column and contents lists of the paper journal. Last published in December 2000 - now 'dead'.

Anales de Documentación

"Anales de Documentación quiere ser un paso más en la andadura de nuestra Escuela de Biblioteconomía y Documentación de la Universidad de Murcia. El nacimiento de esta nuestra revista coincide con una efemérides entrañable para nosotros: el décimo aniversario de este centro, diez años de singladura en los que centenares de alumnos han concluido sus estudios y prosiguen sus tareas, como profesionales o perseverando en hacer cristalizar sus ideales académicos a través de la Licenciatura en Documentación o el Doctorado. El objetivo es proporcionar a la comunidad de docentes e investigadores de las Ciencias de la Información Documental un nuevo medio de expresión, comunicación e intercambio de experiencias y trabajos."

Annual Review of OCLC Research

As the name suggests, this is the annual report on research undertaken by OCLC's Office of research. The topics vary, year by year, but deal with key issues of the time.


The Ariadne newsletter is aimed at working librarians in academic libraries in the UK. "The newsletter has two main aims: it describes and evaluates sources and services available on the Internet, and of potential use, to librarians and information professionals; [and] it reports to the library community at large on progress and developments within the Electronic Libraries Programme, and of JISC-funded and other information services, keeping the busy practitioner abreast of current relevant developments."

ARL: A Bimonthly Report on Research Library Issues and Actions from ARL, CNI, and SPARC

"ARL is the bimonthly report on research library issues and actions from ARL (Association of Research Libraries), CNI (Coalition of Networked Information), and SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition). ARL reports on current issues of interest to academic and research library administrators, staff, and users; higher education administrators and faculty; information technologists and those who depend on networked information; as well as anyone concerned with the future of scholarly communication or information policy developments.
Each issue explores a broad range of education topics of particular importance to research institutions and academic librarians."

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You'll need Acrobat Reader for this one, which is in .pdf format. It is the bulletin of the Information Technology Division of the Special Libraries Association.

Beta Online

"BETA Online seeks to address technology's impact on our everyday lives. Although BETA started out as a great proponent of the new information technologies that are wending their way through the world, reservations have emerged, questions posed, worries aired. As editor of BETA Online and a new media professional working in New York City, I find that my relationship with technology -- and particularly with computers and the Internet -- is one of both wonder and distrust. I am a gadget freak on the one hand, yet for some reason I refuse to buy a mobile phone even as I poll my answering machine fifteen times a day. I love the Web, yet I find that my obsession with it sometimes gets the better of me. Each month, along with the book reviews and the cartoons generously contributed by BETA people, I try to portray how in many obvious and strange ways, the new information world is evolving."

Biblio Magazine

"A publication of Aster Publishing Corporation in Eugene, Oregon, Biblio was introduced in July, 1996 as a bi-monthly magazine for collectors of books, manuscripts and ephemera. In January, 1997 Biblio went to a monthly format (12 issues per year) and began to expand its editorial scope to also encompass the art, history, technology and culture of books and the full range of humanity's records." The on-line version gives a sample of the items in each issue.

Biblio Tech Review

"The Biblio Tech Review is published by Biblio Tech Limited in the UK. The publisher/editor is Peter Evans - an industry consultant involved with library automation for the past 25 years. BTR is currently provided at no cost to the industry as an information resource." "...aims to inform and educate all those who wish to keep abreast of the developments within the global library automation industry. Vital to the function of the Review will be the product reviews, comparisons and stories - designed to help the librarian and information worker keep aware of the key issues when automating their libraries."

BiD: textos universitaris de biblioteconomia i documentacióés

"...una revista electrònica editada per l'Escola Universitària de Biblioteconomia i Documentació de la Universitat de Barcelona que s'adreça especialment a la comunitat acadèmica universitària. Les seccions que inclou són les següents: Tribuna, Articles, Experiències, Textos normatius, Informes d'activitats, i Ressenyes. El primer número es va publicar el juny de 1998."

Boletín de la SEDIC

SEDIC is La Sociedad Española de Documentación e Información Científica, and its Bulletin gives news of developments in the association.

Boletín la Asociación Andaluza de Bibliotecarios

I am not sure whether this is a full-scale electronic journal or a 'taster' for the print publication. The site seems a little disorganized, with a number of non-funtioning links and the green text on a green background does little to assist the eye! However, for those with competency in the Spanish language, there is information of value here.

Boletín RedIRIS

RedIRIS is the management centre for the national academic network in Spain. The Boletín is one of a number of services provided for members of the network which are also available to non-members.


"This web site is designed to introduce Booklist to a new group of readers and to provide current subscribers with additional services and points of access. By clicking on the appropriate text below, you can examine a current selection of reviews, enjoy a wealth of feature articles, or consult a newly developed cumulative index not available in the print Booklist. You may also use the site to send e-mail to our editors, learn how to subscribe to the print Booklist and to order other Booklist publications."

"The Book Report Network aims to solve... reader dilemmas, with thoughtful book reviews, compelling features, in-depth author profiles and interviews, excerpts of the hottest new releases, literary games and contests, and more every week."

Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

This is ASIST's "...primary means of maintaining regular contact with its membership regarding ASIST activities; a vehicle for sharing news and information regarding developments in the fields of information science and technology, including policy and political developments; and an avenue for publishing opinions and quality, brief articles on timely, controversial, or non-research developments in the information science field."

Business 2.0

Electronic site for the 'new economy' magazine.

Byte Archive

"Currently the archive contains over 7,200 documents and 3,900 images, including photographs, screen shots, and illustrations. Here on the website you can navigate and search the 1994 text archive, plus complete text and graphics from Jan 1995 through three months ago, and selected items from the three most recent issues."

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A publication of the Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. Gives a selection of items from the print version.

CH Working Papers

"CH Working Papers (or Computing in the Humanities Working Papers) are an interdisciplinary series of refereed publications on computer-assisted research. They are a vehicle for an intermediary stage at which questions of computer methodology in relation to the corpus at hand are of interest to the scholar before the computer disappears into the background." Articles have abstracts in English and French.

Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal

"...a peer-reviewed e-journal. It focuses on the practical aspect of Chinese librarianship the world over. It publishes articles written by Chinese librarians, information scientists and library school faculty and students, as well as by librarians and information professionals of other nationalities on issues related to serving patrons with Chinese materials. It also reports any major development of Chinese librarianship throughout the world."

CHOICE: current reviews for academic libraries

On-line version of the ALA publication, offering sample reviews and bibliographic essays, etc.

CIO OnLine

Web-site of the print magazine intended for Chief Information Officers - IT executives of all kinds.
CIO WebBusiness
News, features, and other Web resources and stories

Click Z Network

A "webzine" devoted to electronic commerce and on-line marketing.

CLIR Issues

CLIR Issues, is published six times a year by the Council on Library and Information Resources, reporting on developments within the four major programs of the Council: the Commission on Preservation and Access, Digital Libraries, the Economics of Information, and Leadership.

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Published by the Manitoba Library Association, CM publishes book and media reviews, news, features and stories of interest to teachers, librarians, parents and children.

Communication Arts

Lessons for the Web from print-based sources - see, for example, Typographic voices by Mark Eastman
Computer Business Review
"Computer Business Review is a database derived from the UK's leading monthly journal providing deep analysis of business news and the lead issues within IT. All CBR data is grounded in primary-level, investigative research. CBR looks at Economic trends and indicators, it monitors financial results, tracks key market sectors and report on every major piece of IT market research that's carried out. CBR is written for Director-level, senior executives within both vendor and user organizations as well as for IT analysts."

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

Archive only: "Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine..., which ran issues from May 1994 to January 1999, reported about people, events, technology, public policy, culture, practices, study, and applications related to human communication and interaction in online environments."

Computers in Libraries

"...a monthly journal that provides complete coverage of the news and issues in the rapidly evolving field of library information technology. Focusing on the practical application of technology in community, school, academic, and special libraries, CIL includes discussions of the impact of emerging computer technologies on library systems and services, and on the library community itself." The on-line version publishes a selection of items from the print version.

Computer User

Web-site of the associated paper journal

Computer Weekly

Web-site of the UK weekly newsmagazine of the computer industry


On-line version of the print magazine, with news, resources and jobs.


"...a Web-zine for writers, editors, and other who create content for online media - Web sites, e-mail publications, intranets, and so on.
These people view online media not simply as a new way to practice their skills, but as a way to make a living. Also, they primarily are concerned with what online venues have to say, and how well they say it. The design, coding, and technologies used to present information online are, for these readers, of secondary importance (although often these topics are closely related to content)."

The Cook Report on Internet

"The COOK Report is a monthly newsletter focusing on the technology and policy complexities of Internet infrastructure development. It monitors the increasing convergence between voice and data networks as it follows the technolgies... that are being used by the next generation telcos. Published since 1992 by the former Director of a US Congress Office of Technology Assessment of the NREN, who is beholden to no federal agencies, private companies, or advertisers for funds, it is independent, and sometimes investigative in its coverage." Offers partial content of some reports, full text of others. Subscription required for full access.

Copyright and new media legal news

"Copyright News for Libraries, Museums, Archives and Educators." Published by the law office of Lesley Ellen Harris in ASCII format and maintained as part of the National Library of Canada Electronic Collection. Final issue in 1999 - continued as Copyright, new media law & e-commerce news

Correo Bibliotecario

This is the Boletín informativo de la Subdirección General de Coordinación Bibliotecaria of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, produced by the library of Castille and Leon. It has a widely distributed paper version and gives wide variety of news on library development in Spain

Crossroads: the ACM student magazine

"Crossroads is the student magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery. Crossroads is published quarterly on the web and in print." "Crossroads is primarily an educational magazine. We strive to bring our readers articles that will pique their interest in a wide variety of computer related areas. Columns representing the diverse opinions of our readership; reviews of books, software, and conferences; and articles designed to assist students in making educational and career decisions appear in every issue. As with most specialty magazines, Crossroads features a theme for each issue. We publish several articles that deal with topics related to the issue theme. The theme is selected by the editorial staff members based on input from readers."

Cu Digest

"The Cu [computers underground] Digest is a more-or-less weekly digest/newsletter/journal of debates, news, research, and discussion of legal, social, and other issues related to computer culture."

Cultivate Interactive

"First and foremost Cultivate Interactive is a mechanism for promotion and discussion of the DIGICULT projects and the challenges that surround them. It is funded by the Digital Heritage and Cultural Content (DIGICULT) area of the EC Information Society Technologies Programme (IST) and expands to include all memory institutions and organisations (in particular from archives, libraries, museums, publishers, multimedia and galleries), as well as organisations from Eastern Europe and other non-EU countries. The actual CULTIVATE programme continues the work started by the National Focus Points for the Telematics for Libraries Programme under the 3rd and 4th Framework. This work is discussed in the Exploit Interactive Web magazine . The last issue of Exploit Interactive will appear in September [2000]."

Current Cites

"A team of librarians and library staff monitors information technology literature in both print and digital forms, each month selecting only the best items to annotate for a free publication. The resulting issue of 10-20 annotated citations of current literature is emailed to a mailing list and is redistributed on other electronic fora. The individual citations are also individually indexed so that you can dynamically create your own Bibliography On-Demand. The items that are freely available on the Internet are also retrieved and indexed so that you can perform an Article Search of the full-text of these items. Current Cites has been published continuously since August 1990."

Cyber Aspect

"Our mission in writing, publishing, and providing the content of Cyber Aspect to the technical community is to accomplish the following:
  • Deliver the most relevant and timely information has an effect on our core readers' daily lives and interests.
  • Present content in the most professional and objective manner possible.
  • Provide reliable and complete coverage of the topics we write about.
  • To always stay in-touch with our core audience of readers, and by doing so continue to deliver content that is created 'For technical professionals by technical professionals'."


"Cybermetrics is both an Electronic-only Journal and a Virtual Forum devoted to the study of the quantitative analysis of scholarly and scientific communications. It is open to world-wide researchers to publish and discuss their findings. Internet offers them new and increased capabilities to distribute their results to a greater audience." Published only one paper in 1997 and few since. Volumes 2 and 3 in one 'issue' only had two papers, for example, and the last issue was for 2001, with only two papers. If not 'dead', the journal seems to be barely alive.


"As of March 2003 Cyberpulse ceased publication. Cyberpulse has now been rolled into SiteLines."

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D-lib magazine

"D-Lib is a forum for researchers and developers of advanced digital libraries. It is coordinated by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives for the NSF/DARPA/NASA Digital Libraries Initiative. Its objectives are: To stimulate the development of a common infrastructure for digital libraries and to coordinate research in those aspects that require consensus. To provide information exchange about all research and advanced development in digital libraries, particularly federally funded research within the High Performance Computing and Communications program. To encourage and assist the transfer of these research efforts into the creation of the national digital library system."
Now renamed EContent and at a new site.
Web-site based on the print magazine - a focus on IT management

Digital Technology Law Journal

The Digital Technology Law Journal is a new on-line periodical publication produced by the Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Law Institute, with the support of IMAGO Multimedia Centre. The DTLJ aims to publish papers on intellectual property law issues arising from the application of digital technology (such as multimedia, the Internet, computer hardware and software, Ecommerce, DVD and virtual reality). The DTLJ features 3 categories of contributions: Refereed articles, Comments and Reviews. Subscription is free and the DTLJ is published three times a year.

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A monthly magazine on electronic commerce, publishing selected items and news from the print version. DATA BASED ADVISOR, DATABASED WEB ADVISOR and INTERNET & JAVA ADVISOR are now part of e-BUSINESS ADVISOR Magazine.

e-Commerce Alert

Not all of the articles in this Zipf Davis journal are free - some of the archive is pay-per-view.

e-commerce news

A section of also available as free e-mail newsletter.


"EContent (formerly DATABASE) magazine is written for the "hands on" searcher, managers of information facilities and others who use information technology. It provides practical, how-to advice on effective use of databases and systems, plus innovative tips and techniques, reviews, and product comparison. It covers databases in online, CD-ROM, disk, and tape formats, and resources on the Internet.
This site contains selected full-text articles and news from each issue of the magazine."


"Written by experienced executives and technology experts, e-doc offers pragmatic editorial content, case studies, applications reviews, tips, lessons learned and problems solved." The web-site of a print journal, with a lot of free content.

EDUCAUSE Quarterly (formerly Cause/Effect)

"EDUCAUSE Quarterly is a practitioner's journal for college and university managers and users of information resources—information, technology, and services"


"A general-interest, bimonthly magazine, EDUCAUSE Review offers a broad look at current developments and trends in information technology, what these mean for higher education, and how they affect colleges and universities today. Read EDUCAUSE Review to enhance your understanding of the IT issues that will make a difference to higher education now and in the future."


"Educom Review explores the changing ways we will work, learn, and communicate in the digital world of the 21st century. The accelerating pace of development in computer and communications technology is transforming education. Educom Review monitors those developments along with related issues in management, planning, law, and policy."


"Edupage is a free e-mail service that summarizes developments in information technology. It is sent three times a week to subscribers. Where other EDUCAUSE publications focus primarily on information technology in higher education, Edupage offers synopses of a more general nature, which are extracted from the mainstream media." The Web-site holds the archive of the newsletter.

EFFector Online Newsletter

"EFFector is the e-newsletter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. EFF is a non-profit public interest civil liberties membership organization, founded in July of 1990 to ensure that the principles embodied in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are protected as new communications technologies emerge. Since its inception, EFF has worked to shape our nation's communications infrastructure and the policies that govern it in order to maintain and enhance privacy, intellectual freedom, and other democratic values. EFFector is a periodic newsletter bringing readers summaries of important happenings in online civil liberties, as well as action alerts, news of upcoming events, and original papers and presentations on networking technology and freedom."

Electronic Commerce Guide

A newsletter offering product reviews, news on opinions & trends and, at the same site, e-commerce resources in the shape of a library of articles, a page of links to related sites and the E-Comm Webopedia a searchable glossary of terms, definitions, and acronyms in electronic commerce.

Electronic Journal of Communication

Appears to be published four times a year, but the most recent issue at the Web-site is volume 8 number 2, 1998. Published by the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship.

Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries

"The Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC) strives to become the foremost international forum for practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers to share their knowledge and experience in the design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of information systems and technologies in developing countries."

EMedia Professional

Formerly CD-ROM Professional: "EMedia Professional covers the tools and technologies that professionals use to publish, archive, distribute, and network digital content. The magazine is for producers and the business users of CD-ROM, CD-Recordable, DVD, CD-ROM/online hybrid, and Internet-based electronic media applications and products." The on-line version publishes a selection of items from the print version.

e-On the Internet

"e-OnTheInternet (or e-OTI) is the international electronic magazine and information resource of the Internet Society. Updated regularly, e-OTI discusses the ongoing development of Internet technology and its impact on business, education, and society. Through feature-length articles, commentary, network news, and interactive conversation, e-OTI aims to educate, engage, and inspire Internet Society members as they live, work, and learn in the information age."

EPIC Alert

Bi-weekly on-line newsletter of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, DC. Covers issues related to privacy and civil liberties in the information age.


The former site for PC Week Online now transfers to this location. The coverage is different, being concerned more with e-commerce issues, carrying news, reviews and special reports.

Ex Libris

"What Ex Libris is all about
One continuing concern will be how we can use the internet, computers, and databases, to improve our services.
Another is the ways in which computers, the internet, and databases will irrevocably alter libraries, our users, and our political and financial environment--not to mention how they may change the structure of information as we now know it...
Another continuing concern will be what we have to do to make our systems usable for our patrons..."

Exploit Interactive

"Exploit Interactive is the Exploit Project's Pan-European web magazine, designed to promote awareness, disseminate and exploit reusable project applications and results. the magazine will: * provide a mechanism for pan-European dissemination of information about the Telematics for Libraries projects; * work with the appropriate project contacts to focus on areas/issues of interest to the readers; * support on-going project dissemination strategies via the magazine which will benefit both readers and project members; * develop and maintain a strong and involved community of Exploit Interactive readers, authors, project partners and information providers; * provide a forum for discussion within the EU Telematics for Libraries community; * seek to involve members of the EU, EEA member states, and CEE countries." The last issue of Exploit Interactive will appear in September 2000.


Now part of the Infonomia site, "EXTRA!-NET es un servicio de noticias comentadas y de reflexión sobre los acontecimientos en Internet y en las autopistas de la información en general, que lleva el título genérico de 'El impacto de la información digital en las organizaciones'". The site publishes individual papers, rather than regular 'issues'.

Eye on IT

A free weekly on-line magazine, which looks at the new developments, products, trends, etc. in the IT, Intranet and Internet world. Also available by e-mail. This link leads to the subscription page, where you will find notice of other magazines.

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First Monday

One of the first peer-reviewed journals on the Internet, about the Internet and the Global Information Infrastructure. Combines the traditional values of peer-reviewing and strict quality control with publication on the World Wide Web.

Free Online Scholarship Newsletter

"The purpose of the newsletter is to share news and discussion on the migration of print scholarship to the internet and efforts to make it available to readers free of charge.
The audience I have in mind consists of scholars, researchers, scientists, teachers, students, librarians, editors, and publishers. I want the newsletter to cover all academic fields and all FOS initiatives. You may welcome FOS or dread it. But if you're interested in its fortunes, I hope to cover news that will interest you."

Free Pint

'Free Pint is a free email newsletter giving you tips, tricks and articles on how and where to find reliable Web sites and search more effectively. It is written by information professionals in the UK and is sent to more than 23,000 subscribers around the world every two weeks.'

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Holt Uncensored

"...a twice-weekly email column and website about books and the book industry written by Pat Holt, former Book Review Editor and Critic for The San Francisco Chronicle."


The original Internet "webzine" with coverage of industry developments and tips and techniques on aspects of Web design, taken over into the Lycos stable and more restricted in scope. However, its Webmonkey Guides are worth a look.

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This is the quarterly newsletter of the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information. 'ICSTI seeks to reduce or eliminate barriers to effective transfer of information by: Promoting the value of scientific and technical information to the world's economic, research, scholarly, and social progress. Enhancing access to and delivery of information to business, academia, government and the public. Forging better relations among the different communities involved in information transfer, from generator to disseminator to user.' the IDG online network

" is the online gateway to the IDG Network of 250+ World Wide Web sites published by Computerworld, InfoWorld, JavaWorld, Macworld, Network World, PC World and many others around the globe.
Each of IDG's 400 newspapers, magazines, and Web sites are focused on the needs of particular readership. The sites also offer the latest news from the IDG News Service, the company's internal 24-hour wire service which has a team of writers and editors located around the world."

IFLA. Section of Public Libraries Newsletter

"The Section of Public Libaries Newsletter is published by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. The Section of Public Libraries provides an active international forum for the development and promotion of public libraries which serve the whole community in the context of the information society and ensure free and equal access to information at the local level."

Informing Science

The academically peer refereed journal Informing Science endeavors to provide an understanding of the complexities in informing clientele. Fields from information systems, library science, journalism in all its forms to education all contribute to this science. These fields, which developed independently and have been researched in separate disciplines, are evolving to form a new transdiscipline, Informing Science.

Information for Social Change

Issues of censorship, freedom of information, service to minorities, etc.

Information Today

"Information Today delivers total coverage of late-breaking news and long-term trends in the information industry. Accurate, timely news articles inform the reader of the people, products, services, and events that impact the industry, while hard-hitting, topical articles explain significant developments in the field."

Information Society Trends

A newsletter published by the EC Information Society Project Office - in spite of the title, it is mainly concerned with developments in information technology. Appears to have ceased publication and to have been replaced by the Information Society Website

Information Strategy Online

"Information Strategy is dedicated to helping boardrooms and senior executives throughout Europe develop and implement information strategies that will make a competitive difference to their business." A selection of articles from the print version. [Now incorporated in Computer Business Review.]

Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management

"The mission of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management (IJIKM) is to provide readers around the world with the widest possible coverage of the use of information and technology to effectively create, apply, and communicate knowledge in organizations."

Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects

"The mission of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects (IJKLO) is to provide readers around the world with the widest possible coverage of developments in knowledge and Learning Objects. IJKLO is an interdisciplinary forum that publishes high quality articles on theory, practice, innovation, and research that cover all aspects of Knowledge and Learning Objects."

International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning

The highly descriptive title says exactly what this e-journal is about. Most of the papers relate to education generally but some deal with IT related issues in areas such as distance learning. The statement of purpose reads: "The International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning (IEJLL) promotes the study and discussion of substantive leadership issues that are of current concern in educational communities. Preference is given to articles, reviews, and commentary that focus upon issues with a significant impact upon life in schools."

The Internet Analyst

"The Internet Analyst is a weekly online newsletter for Internet Investors, published every Thursday."

Internet Business Advantage

Another e-commerce magazine from the Zipf Davis stable.

Internet Monthly Reports

"The purpose of these reports is to communicate to the Internet Research Group the accomplishments, milestones reached, or problems discovered by the participating organizations." The real nitty-gritty for the dedicated geek.

A daily newsletter on developments in internet technology, industry and electronic commerce.

Internet Resources Newsletter

"A free newsletter for academics, students, engineers, scientists & social scientists." Available on the Web and by e-mail and published by Heriot-Watt University Internet Resource Centre. "The newsletter aims to raise awareness of new sources of information on the Internet, particularly those which are relevant to research interests at Heriot-Watt University."

Internet World Daily

A newsletter covering developments in the industry, electronic commerce and Web development.

Interpersonal Computing and Technology Journal

No longer published, but the archive remains.

Intranet Journal

"Intranet Journal offers the ideal way to reach technical professionals involved in the development and management of their corporate Intranet. [It offers:] *Original articles on Intranet management and development. *The Web's most popular moderated message exchange dedicated to the Intranet. *Intranet analysis, opinion and recommendations from leading experts. *The beginner's complete guide to Intranet development. *Repositories of the latest shareware, freeware and evaluation software relating to Intranet solutions. *A comprehensive calendar of Intranet and Extranet events and conferences. *Tutorials to guide users through everything from the simplest to the most complex steps of creating an Intranet. *The full text of popular Intranet books." Now incorporates Intranet Design Magazine

intranet news

A newsletter from

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship

"A quarterly publication of the Science and Technology Section, Association of College and Research Libraries... Purpose: ISTL publishes substantive material of interest to science and technology librarians. It serves as a vehicle for sci-tech librarians to share details of successful programs, materials for the delivery of information services, background information and opinions on topics of current interest, to publish research and bibliographies on issues in science and technology libraries, and to communicate in more depth than the STS-L mailing list."

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Java World

Tips and news for Java programmers and Web developers.

JOHO: Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization

A highly personal, quirky newsletter from David Weinberger on the impact of the Web on organizations
Journal of Academic Media Librarianship
"MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship is an electronic forum for practical and scholarly information on topics and issues concerning academic media librarianship. The scope of the journal encompasses technologies that include audiovisuals as the primary, but not necessarily the exclusive modes of communication. The focus eliminates any media or imaging technology where print is the primary mode of communication. Such formats include microforms, electronic mail, and desk-top publishing." Peer-reviewed, but no issue since Spring 1998.

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks

"The Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN) is published on-line by Vanderbilt University for the ALN Web." [May be 'dead' - nothing published since September 2003]

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Has covered topics such as: Collaborative Universities, Electronic Commerce, Emerging Law on the Electronic Frontier, Communication in Information Spaces, Studying the Net, and Virtual Environments

Journal of Conservation & Museum Studies

"Published under the auspices of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, the Journal exists as an academic World Wide Web publication, disseminating information to the global conservation and museum community. The papers and articles found in the Journal represent the work of conservation and museum studies students from around the world, and have been refereed by academic staff representing conservation and museum studies training programmes."

Journal of Digital Information

"A peer-reviewed Web journal supported by the British Computer Society and Oxford University Press. Publishing papers on the management, presentation and uses of information in digital environments."

Journal of Electronic Publishing

Published by the University of Michigan Press. A totally free journal - register for e-mail announcement of the next issue.

Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations

"The purpose of the Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations (JIITO) is to encourage authors to develop and publish quality papers that address in a balanced manner all three entities signified in its title: information, information technology (IT), and the organizational context."

Journal of Information Law and Technology

"JILT is a new and innovative electronic law journal covering a range of topics relating to IT law and applications. It contains a diversity of materials including peer reviewed and non-refereed articles, work in progress, book and conference reviews. JILT is the first in a series of ejournals published in the Electronic Law Journals ( ELJ ) environment which will provide a forum for continuing dialogue for law."

Journal of Information Technology Education

"The academically peer refereed Journal of Information Technology Education (JITE) endeavors to improve IT Education around the world, as shown in our mission statement.
JITE is published in print by subscription and its articles also appear online free of charge. This arrangement provides authors with the widest possible readership while ensuring that their papers are fully accepted as bona fide."

Journal of Interactive Media in Education

Aims: "Through its innovative use of interactive Net-based media, to be an action research project which explores the changing face of journals, and more broadly, scholarly practice in the age of digital publishing and communication."

Journal of Issues in Informing Science & Information Technology

"The purpose of Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and collaboration among the wide variety of fields that use information technology to inform clients."

The Journal of Library Services for Distance Education

"A peer-reviewed e-journal, International in scope, publishing refereed articles focusing on the issues and challenges of providing research/information services to students enrolled in formal post-secondary distance education." Possibly dead - no issue since mid-1999.

Journal of Medical Internet Research

"...the first international scientific peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of research, information and communication in healthcare using Internet and Intranet-related technologies."

Journal of Southern Academic and Special Librarianship

A curiously named journal, which appears to have had its origin in the Southern states of the USA, but which is now " independent, professional, refereed electronic journal dedicated first and foremost to advancing knowledge and research in the areas of academic and special librarianship. We are committed to covering all aspects of academic and special librarianship without regard to region or country." published by the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication.

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Katharine Sharp Review

Founded in 1995 and ceased publication in 1999 - but the archive is still available.

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Law Library Resource Xchange

Law Library Resource Xchange is a bi-monthly, free e-journal with a focus on research, management and technology topics for legal professionals. "Each edition of LLRX highlights a broad range of topics including: current Congressional activities relating to technology, research, and libraries; useful Web sites for legal researchers; technology training resources; and issues that deal with the challenges posed to the legal community by the continually expanding electronic world."

Library Journal Digital

"LJDigital is an electronic offshoot of Library Journal, the oldest independent national library publication."

Library Juice

"Library Juice is a news digest for librarians, library and information science students, and other interested people. It includes announcements, many web resources, calls for papers, and news affecting the library world. Much of the material has a social-responsibilities or intellectual freedom focus. It is not a discussion list but a digest of material from a variety of sources. However, you are welcome to submit material directly to me... Library Juice is composed mostly of email culled from approximately three dozen listservs (see below), and occasional editorials and abstracts written for the publication."

Library of Congress Information Bulletin

"The Library of Congress Information Bulletin is issued monthly by the Public Affairs Office of the Library of Congress and distributed free of charge to publicly supported libraries and research institutions, academic libraries, learned societies and allied organizations in the United States."

Library Philosophy and Practice

"An essential type of library science research is applied research with the library as laboratory. Library Philosophy and Practice is a refereed electronic journal publishing articles that demonstrate the connection between library practice and the philosophy and theory which are behind it. Library Philosophy and Practice publishes reports of successful, innovative, or experimental library procedures, methods, or projects in all areas of librarianship, including both public and technical services. These reports are set in the context of applied research, with reference to current, past, and emerging theories of library practice."


"LIBRES is an international refereed electronic journal devoted to new research in Library and Information Science. Libres is distributed through a listserver, an ftp site, and two mirrored WWW sites: Americas and Australia. Listserver subscribers are notified of new issues through the distribution of a table of contents to LIBRES, LIBREF-L, and any other e-conferences requesting the service."


"LITA blog will be an interesting blog to follow if you are interested in technology in library and information systems. LITA’s mission is that it 'educates, serves, and reaches out to its members, other ALA members and divisions, and the entire library and information community through its publications, programs, and other activities designed to promote, develop, and aid in the implementation of library and information technology'."

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Weekly news magazine for all things Macintosh - now incorporated in MacCentral site, but archives available there.

Managing Information

Formerly carried a sample of items from Aslib's monthly print publication, but now re-designed as a kind of portal, with a link to the monthly publication, but no content. One the other hand it has a lot of news content and other things.

Marketing Library Services

Marketing Library Services is published eight times a year by Information Today, Inc. This on-line version publishes a sample of the items in the print version.


"The core mission of MicroTimes' editorial and overall product strategy is to accomplish the technology information needs of both the "IS Manager" and "Business Executive" primarily within the small and medium sized business market sectors in the state of California." This is the WEb version of a free-circulation paper journal.

MISQ Archivist

"This archive is intended for:Online Table of Contents, Abstracts, and Executive Briefs for Current and Past Issues; Online full-text versions of some special papers published in MIS Quarterly; Online versions of accepted MIS Quarterly papers that, for whatever reason, are best presented electronically; Online attachments for published MIS Quarterly papers. Such attachments could include data, questionnaires, surveys, corrections, working papers."

MISQ Discovery

"MISQ Discovery is intended to engendor [sic] new forms of knowledge dissemination and knowledge creation related to information technology. MISQ Discovery provides an outlet for electronic work for: Exploring alternative knowledge dissemination models. Engineering a new intellectual infrastructure for a global community of scholars. Fostering cooperative groups focused on learning and research. Establishing a "learning organization" to assist the information systems field. Providing a model for other disciplines to emulate. Challenging assumptions rooted in a paper-based world. Offering a living laboratory for experiements in cooperative work."

Multimédium: le quotidien des nouvelles technologies de l'information

"Multimédium est un cyber-quotidien spécialisé dans le domaine des nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication (NTIC). Édité à Montréal, il porte une attention particulière mais non exclusive aux informations en provenance du Québec, de la Francophonie, du Canada et des États-Unis. Il s'adresse aux professionnels autant qu'au grand public intéressé à ces questions. Multimédium tente de fournir une veille technologique qui rende compte des impacts sociaux et culturels des technologies émergentes, ainsi que de leurs effets prévisibles sur la vie quotidienne."

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NetFuture: Technology and Human Responsibility

"NetFuture is a reader supported newsletter with postings every two-to-four weeks or so. It looks beyond the generally recognized "risks" of computer use such as privacy violations, unequal access, censorship, and dangerous computer glitches. It seeks especially to address those deep levels at which we half-consciously shape technology and are shaped by it. What is half-conscious can, after all, be made fully conscious, and we can take responsibility for it."  Covers more than information technology, but includes it.

Netsurfer Digest

"Netsurfer Digest is a FREE e-mail delivered e-zine bringing cyberspace directly to your mailbox since 1994. Subscribe and every week we will bring you a hot-linked HTML gateway to a selection of neat online sites."

Netsurfer Focus

"The Net revolution is real, accelerating, and reaching more people every day. The brand new, digital world from a few of years ago is now part of the mainstream media. Netsurfer Focus is our chronicle of some of the key players on the stage. Our goal is to make substantive issues about the Net and its continued evolution accessible to our users. Each issue of Focus addresses a single topic. It is sent out via e- mail and/or placed here at our World Wide Web site. It is often also supplemented by articles and additional information at our site, and by book and other printed references. This tiered approach gives the big picture for the general reader, and detailed resources for the expert."

Network Science

"Includes feature articles from R&D scientists, product news releases, general industry information and news, literature reviews, and a profile section for people who have moved or have been promoted." In addition, covers various aspect of computational chemistry and bio-informatics.

Newsletter on Serials Pricing Issues

'The scope of the newsletter is library serials pricing interpreted broadly. Appropriate topics include, but certainly are not limited to: journal pricing projections, library cancellation projects, journal publisher and subscription agent efforts to reduce costs, electronic publishing ventures that may impact pricing, announcements of relevant conferences, publisher or vendor actions relating to pricing that are perceived as unfair to subscribers, and good news such as price reductions, etc.'

Now and Then

Replaces ArchiVista.   "Now and Then is State Records' new quarterly publication. It provides news about our services, activities and events, newly received State archives as well as information about our on-line and hardcopy tools and publications to help you understand and use the archives. "

NSU: no sólo usabilidad magazine

"Magazine sobre Usabilidad, Accesibilidad, Arquitectura de Información y Experiencia del Usuario."

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"ONLINE is written for Information Professionals and provides articles, product reviews, case studies, evaluation, and informed opinion about selecting, using, and managing electronic information products, plus industry and professional information about online database systems, CD-ROM, and the Internet... This site contains selected full-text articles and news from each issue of the magazine."

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PC Magazine Online

Much like other commercial publication sites: web-zine based on the popular print magazine - with articles, news, downloads, etc., etc.

PCWeek Online

Now transfers to eWeek

PC World

A Web-site based on the print magazine, but with additional features such as download sites and an update newsletter by e-mail.

Preservation and Access International Newsletter

Published by the Council on Library and Information Resources. [Pity about the acronym!]

Primary Source

Each issue of Primary Source is linked to the IMLS web site at Brief articles will alert you to new information about our grants, monthly highlights of best practices, and important agency news with hotlinks to more detailed information on the web site.

Proceedings of the ARL membership meetings

Selected papers from the twice-yearly meetings of the Association of Research Libraries

Public-Access Computer Systems Review

"The Public-Access Computer Systems Review (PACS Review) is an electronic journal about end-user computer systems in libraries. It is distributed at no charge on the Internet and other computer networks. The journal publishes papers on topics such as digital libraries, document delivery systems, electronic publishing, expert systems, hypermedia and multimedia systems, locally mounted databases, network-based information resources and tools, and online catalogs. It is published by the University of Houston Libraries."

Public CIO Magazine

As the title suggests, a magazine for Chief Information Officers, i.e., Chief IT Officers, in the public sector in the USA. Published quarterly. Occasional articles of interest to the Information Research readership; for example, For the record on the problems of records management in the digital age.

Publishers' Weekly Online

Industry news and features - based on the print magazine.

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Red Herring

One of the early movers in the e-commerce area: "...we provide timely market information, strategic insight, and access to growing entrepreneurial communities." is the associated Web site: " is your Internet destination for original, leading-edge analysis and commentary about the business of technology. With unmatched depth of analysis and insider perspective, explains how technology business news and events affect you, your industry, the economy, the stock market, and your portfolio. We provide news, pre-IPO and IPO company tracking, business and investing information, and insight on the latest events and trends pushed to your inbox in the form of email newsletters."

Red Rock Eater News Service

Archive of an e-mail newsletter produced by Phil Agre of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, UCLA. There is another archive here.

Reference Reviews Europe Online

"Reference Reviews Europe Online is intended primarily for academic librarians interested in acquiring European reference sources for their collections and includes anything of possible interest to an American academic library. For the most part these are German- language reference works, with some additional titles in other European languages." [Now 'dead', but the archive remains useful]
The Register
A UK publication covering news and views on software, hardware, semi-conductors, the Web, and 'channels' - it is not clear what the latter is, since all pages have the same appearance and some articles appear in more than one section. Appears to have good insider news.
Revista General de Información y Documentación RLG DigiNews
"RLG DigiNews is a bimonthly web-based newsletter intended to: Focus on issues of particular interest and value to managers of digital initiatives with a preservation component or rationale. Provide filtered guidance and pointers to relevant projects to improve our awareness of evolving practices in image conversion and digital archiving. Announce publications (in any form) that will help staff attain a deeper understanding of digital issues."

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Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems
Published twice a year by the Information Systems Group at Aalborg University, Denmark

Scout Report

"The Scout Report is the flagship publication of the Internet Scout Project. Published every Friday both on the web and by email, it provides a fast, convenient way to stay informed of valuable resources on the Internet. Our team of professional librarians and subject matter experts select, research, and annotate each resource. Published continuously for over three years, the Scout Report is one of the Internet's oldest and most respected publications. Organizations are encouraged to link to this page from their own Web pages, or to receive the HTML version of the Report each week via email for local posting at their site."
"...explores and deliberates on a comprehensive range of issues important to the professional database searcher. The magazine is targeted to experienced, knowledgeable searchers and combines evaluations of data content with discussions of delivery media. Searcher includes evaluated online news, searching tips and techniques, reviews of search aid software and database documentation, revealing interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs of the industry, and trenchant editorials."

SIMILE: Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education

"The journal is intended to be an electronic meeting place for anyone and everyone interested in the broad subject of media literacy.
The journal will be published four times per year, in February, May, August, and November. Each issue will contain three or four full-length refereed articles from scholars approaching media literacy from a wide variety of perspectives. There will also be comments about these articles (more about this feature below). Special care will be taken to include viewpoints from outside North America.
SIMILE hopes to bring together scholars and educators at all levels from the research university to the grade school to the community college and everything in between. The submission of theoretically-based work that has been tested and applied in the field—the kind of work that demands collaboration between university-based researchers and, for example, high school teachers—is strongly encouraged."


"SiteLines is a weblog ("blog") written by's co-founder, Rita Vine. SiteLines is full of thoughts and ideas on favorite starting points for Internet searching, as well as tips and tricks for effective searching. Rita comments on current news stories, evaluates resources, and also includes many tips and ideas to use when teaching web and online searching."

Smart Business

Another ZDnet product - Web site for the associated print magazine, with features, news, downloads, etc.


Published annually by the Groupe Interuniversitaire de Recherche en Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication. Each issue concerned with a single theme.
South African Journal of Information Management
So far there has been only one issue of this new journal and the site seems to be experiencing problems, resulting in the dreaded, &The page cannot be found& message - however I shall keep a watch on it.

The Standard

This is the Internet site of the magazine, The Industry Standard, which describes itself as follows: "...the single source for critical, timely information about the Internet Economy. Written for senior-level executives who view the Internet as an opportunity to grow their business, The Industry Standard delivers sophisticated coverage of the people, the companies and the business models shaping the Internet Economy. With insightful news analysis, business model reviews, personality profiles, industry metrics and executive recruiting, every week The Industry Standard provides business leaders with a single source of information about their new business world." Clearly, the site is there to attract subscribers to the print journal, but there is a great deal of free content.
Studies in Bibliography
"In 1995 the Council of The Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, aware of the powerful advantages of electronic publishing and of their stewardship of the scholarship contained in Studies, committed funds to place the complete back file of Studies in Bibliography online... with the hope of enhancing ongoing bibliographical work and encouraging new developments in the field, the Council of The Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia offers this electronic version of Studies in Bibliography."
System Concepts (ergonomics in practice)
Pulished by the ergonomics consultancy, System Concepts Ltd., covering ergonomics, human factors and usability issues.

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Technology Review

Not solely concerned with information technology and computing, but with frequent enough cover of these areas to justify inclusion here. The magazine is published by MIT with a mission, " identify and analyze the process of innovation."

Telecom Update

Telecommunications newsletter from the Angus Telemanagement Group.


Published by the Angus Telemanagement Group, covering telecommunications industry developments in Canada. Online version of a print publication, which offers a small selection of the articles in each issue.


An on-line magazine of German origin, with an English language version. Some interesting articles on various aspects of the Internet, Net-culture, telcommunications policy, etc., etc. However, no message from the editors to tell us all about it!

Technology electronic reviews

"Technology Electronic Reviews (TER) is an irregular electronic serial publication of the Library and Information Technology Association, a division of the American Library Association, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611. The primary function of TER is to provide reviews of and pointers to a variety of print and electronic resources about information technology. Resources include books, articles, serials, discussion lists, training materials, bibliographies, and other items of interest to librarians and information technology professionals. The topics covered may include, but are not limited to, networking technologies and standards; hardware and software; operating systems; databases; specific programming languages; management tools and utilities; technical project management; training and personnel issues; library perspectives; and research and development."


"Welcome to TidBITS, a free email and Web publication that covers the Macintosh Internet community." Essential stuff for the Apple aficionado.

Ti Magazine

Spanish language on-line magazine of information technology. Requires registration for use, but otherwise free.

TL Infobits

"TL Infobits is an electronic service of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ITS Teaching and Learning division. Each month the ITS-TL's Academic Outreach Consultant monitors and selects from a number of information and instructional technology sources that come to her attention and provides brief notes for electronic dissemination to educators. TL Infobits issues are available as email or on the Web. Subscriptions are free. "

Transforming Libraries

"Recognizing that technology drives services improvements, the Transforming Libraries series focuses on how libraries are using tools and technology to transform library operations and services. Each issue seeks out pioneering individuals and institutions reporting on their experiences in addressing a specific topic or issue." Published by the Association of Research Libraries.
"...a peer-reviewed e-journal covering aspects of the new library, including digital collections, electronic indices, OPACs, Internet research, bibliographic instruction, information literacy, and the task of integrating these and other new resources with the traditional services of the library."

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Ubiquity is a Web-based publication of the Association for Computing Machinery, dedicated to fostering critical analysis and in-depth commentary on issues relating to the nature, constitution, structure, science, engineering, technology, practices and paradigms of the IT profession.

UKOLN Newsletter

A..."twice yearly update on our work in the areas of digital libraries, web technologies and public library networking." From the The UK Office for Library and Information Networking at the University of Bath.

ULS Digital Library News

A newsletter intended for the University of Pittsburgh, but containing some short articles of more general interest.

Unix Insider

"Unix Insider is published monthly by IDG Communications, the world's largest publisher of computer-related information." News, features, technical expertise and discussion forums.

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Washington Update

"The Washington Update is a weekly newsletter written from the EDUCAUSE Washington, D.C. office. The Update covers legislative, executive branch and other policy events relevant to EDUCAUSE's member organizations. You can access previous issues of the Washington Update at this site. If you're interested in receiving current issues please fill out the form at"

Web Developer.Com

Another product of covering tips, techniques, software reviews, book reviews, and more of interest to the Web developer

web developer news

Another newsletter from covering all aspects of Web and Internet development.

Web Developer's Journal

Tips and techniques, downloads, book reviews, software reviews - everything for the Web developer.

Web Review

Web tools, news and feature articles - archived.

Windows Magazine

On-line version of the print magazine, with the usual addition of resource links, etc. Produced by CMP Net - "the online source for technology professionals".

Windows NT Magazine Online

News, articles, buying advice, discussion fora, etc., and links to resources such as user groups, events, job opportunities, etc.

Wired Magazine

Web-site of the original trendy Internet magazine - not to be confused with HotWired.

Wired West

Web magazine of the Western Canada Chapter of the Special Libraries Association

World Wide Web Journal

The journal was published from the Winter of 1966 to Autumn of 1997. This site stores the archives. The original URL, i.e., now automatically re-directs to the O'Reilly Network

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More of an information web-site than a journal, but refers to 'Current issue' and 'Previous issues' and so has some of the elements of a journal. According to the 'Mission Statement': 'The site is designed to serve both people who are already working with XML and those HTML users who want to "graduate" to XML's power and complexity.'

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